Hartley Jacques Missed the train missed the boat


Peter Bennett

I am told that the father of a friend of mine missed a train that should have taken him from Preston to Southampton to go to America on the Titanic.
My friend's niece in Australia apparently found a list of people who had bought tickets and found Hartley Jacques' details on there, but I've been looking around for a couple of weeks, but haven't found him.
Please, if anyone knows where I might be able to find this, let me know. There are lots of passenger list sites, but these are lists of people who actually got on the ship, rather than those who missed it! I'm very glad he did miss the ship, otherwise his son wouldn't be here today.
Thank you.

Lester Mitcham

Hello Peter,

Welcome to Encyclopedia-Titanica.

The only known Lists containing names of those who purchased tickets but failed to sail are BT 27/780B and BT 27/776 being the Southampton and Queenstown Boarding Lists. On both Lists any such names have lines through them. The name of Hartley Jacques is not amongst them. In addition a 1st Class Steward's List with cabin assignments contains the names of a few 1st Class passengers booked to sail, but who did not. There are also a few names on the Passenger Lists given to 1st and 2nd Class passengers on board Titanic. Again no Hartley Jacques, so I would be very interesting in seeing a copy of the List your friend's niece found.