Has anyone see this picture of Titanic

I'm just wondering if anyone has seen this and where they have. I haven't seen it in any books or publication. Also, how much you think a picture like this is worth. Be interested to hear your insights.

This is the date stamp on the back: June 25, 1912
I initially thought that the low, wooded hills in the background looked like the Isle of Wight, but I then noticed that the anchor was partially lowered, suggesting that the vessel had been anchored - in which case the location could be somewhere in the vicinity of Crosshaven, County Cork?
I'm not sure. The date stamp on the back says Southampton, Oxford Street. So I always assumed it was taken in Southampton. I never thought near Queenstown before.
Hi Craig, I also have never seen this photo before. I compared it to Frank Beken's two photographs taken off the Isle of Wight (see pgs 8-11 of Illustrated "A Night to Remember"), and Beken's photos also show the anchor partly lowered, but they show #1 lifeboat swung out for lowering, while your photo clearly shows that #1 is not swung out. Another photo on page 104 of "Titanic Voices", a starboard bow shot labelled "Titanic proceeds down Southampton Water", shows the anchor partly lowered and #1 boat not swung out, similar to your photo. There is also a progression of photos showing the ship's departure from Southampton in volume 1 of "Titanic the Ship Magnificent". The photo on the bottom of page 23 shows a starboard stern shot, at a similar angle as your photo, taken just as the New York was swinging out for the near-collision. This photo shows #1 lifeboat not swung out, and the anchor is fully retracted. The next photo on top of page 24 shows the Titanic from a similar angle, under way again in Southampton waters, and this photo shows the anchor partly lowered, and #1 boat is still not swung out. As Titanic was delayed several hours because of the near-collision, presumably she had to drop anchor to wait out the situation. Later photos taken at Cherbourg and Queenstown show that #1 boat remained swung out, so presumably it was swung out after your photo was taken, but before Beken's photos were, between Southampton and the Isle of Wight. I would therefore conclude that your photo was in fact taken near Southampton.

No idea of any value of the photo, but as it has not been published anywhere that I know of, it is good to see a new photo! Thanks for posting it!

I think it's a photo taken early in the voyage, quite near Southampton, for the reasons given by Russell.

It's not a Beken photo, as Beken has always been at Cowes. An old directory might show a photographer who worked in Oxford St, Southampton.

Andrew Williams, where are you?
"Titanic, Triumph & Tragedy" by Eaton & Haas, records this on pg. 76 regarding the New York incident, which would explain the position of the anchor:

"The alert reactions of Captain Smith and Pilot Bowyer had also contributed to the prevention of a collision...As an added precaution, Captain Smith quickly ordered the starboard anchor to be lowered within a few feet of the water. The bo'sun's party, under Lightoller's command, stood by to release the anchor instantly should it prove necessary."
Thank you for all of your comments. It's really nice to learn more about my picture. I never knew all this before. So, the consensus is that it's shortly after the New York incident, right?

Some one does have a great memory, because I bought this a few years ago off ebay.
I found it on eBay several years ago. I had never seen it before and that was the appeal of the picture. I knew it had to be mine.

I know that it is a period-original from the original negative. But other than that I'm not aware of where it came from or the story behind this picture. I posted it to see if anyone would have any ideas about it's origins or value.

Steven Hall

"Some one does have a great memory, because I bought this a few years ago off ebay."

If that's the same photograph / card that sold on Ebay, may I ask, 'where is the original border gone it had' ?
Also the auction image (on Ebay) had distinctive blotches on certain parts (e.g. the sail of the boat). It also had writing on the bottom.
Your image you posted above has the stern cut off.
You're right there is writing on the bottom, also the stern is not cut off on the picture. As for the blotch on the sail of the boat there is a faint one on it. Sadly, the outside border frame was cut off.

You're looking at a picture of a picture. It was just one I took before I had the picture framed. I have another picture of the picture that I took that shows the writing and the rest of the stern. Which I've uploaded.

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Unless there was a second one sold on eBay that I wasn't aware of this is that one. This one came from James Callum in Hampshire.

Steven Hall

At action I'd expect approx $US3,500 to $US5,000.
Craig, I wouldn't post up full res images onto the internet.
Now is not the time to sell. Give it another 2 years.
Closer to the release of TTSM Vol. 3, give me an email. You might like to see your photograph published in that.
That will however be your call though.
Nice image.

Steve Hall