Has COLUMBUS ever been found?

She was a German liner finished in 1924.
She measured 32,354 gross tons, was 236 metres (774 ft) long and carried 1,650 passengers. She was one of the first liners to have an outside swimming pool installed on her top deck, as well as a platform for night-time dancing.

The Germans scuttled her off the coast of Virginia in 1939.

Has anyone ever found the wreck?

Thank you.
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Hi, James.

The wreck has not been found, as far as I know. It lies in the same deep water that the Vestris does and, like the Vestris, will probably remain unfound until someone stumbles across it looking for something else....that translates to TREASURE HUNTERS.

I have a scrapbook kept by passengers on that aborted voyage. Here is a photo taken two days before things started going downhill:


Here is the final buffet, before the passengers were dumped ashore:


It would be interesting to see the Columbus found, but the high cost of exploring 13,000 foot deep water plus the low yield of finding a liner that ISNT a treasure ship, means that it probably wont be, for a while.

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This view was taken on a 1935 Fjords cruise. This is from the family album of a crew member who spent a year working aboard the Columbus and who took pictures of nearly every ship they encountered.

Just curious. I thought she was a pretty liner, and right smart for her time period. I also thought 400 miles off the coast of Virginia was interesting. She rarely gets mentioned.
I was recently reviewing ebay and came across a very common postcard of the Columbus. I always look at the written side because there may be interesting content or postmarks that make the card worth buying. The card in question was posted in Veracruz Mexico on Oct. 3, 1939 (they use the day, month, year date) so I believe it could be from a crewmember on the ship during the time it spent in Veracruz after their last aborted cruise and before the ship was scuttled in Dec. that year on trying to return to Germany. It was posted to a person in Chicago. Written in german and the hand writing is not that great so I can't make out much of the content. Anyone conversant with german enough to make out some of what was written?


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