Have you ever had THE DREAM?

Well, it was bound to happen. While draped in my WSL blanket and having just poured througn the latests editions of ADB and White Star Journal, I fell asleep for the night. In slumber I found myself on Titanic, although I can't remember if I was in second or third class, but definitely not first class. However, I was on deck as the ship and iceberg collided with destiny, felt and saw confusion as I was loaded into a lifeboat (can't tell you which one - sorry). The most awful scenes are blocked from memory, but the cold... I actually felt the cold (which is amazing since I live in South Florida where temps are currently in the high 80*s). I was wet somehow. Perhaps I fell in the ocean at some point. I did not recognize any of the passengers, nor did they acknowledge my presence. It was as if I were just the proverbial "fly on the wall." The darkness was overwhelming, but then came the joy of rescue as the Carpathia came into view. She appeared in the first rays of dawn as pure white, like a white knight in shining armor rescuing the fair princess. Then followed this incredible deep funk of realization that over 1,500 other souls would not join us on the ship. I woke up in a hot flash and decided I had to share my dream. Has anyone else had The Dream?

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Jason D. Tiller

No I haven't.

Best regards,

Sheepishly admitting to it...yes. Have been "rescued" in several dreamscape sinkings- one was a sailing ship off Mystic- early 1800's- the creepy thing was I remembered the Captain's name from the dream- and found him in a Mystic cemetery a few years later- the name was Fish-, Capt. Nathaniel Fish appropriately enough. (Shades of The Reincarnation of Peter Proud!). Have also had a recurring dream of standing calmly at the foot of the grand staircase speaking to a man in a tuxedo with no face, telling him not to worry, I knew when the lifeboats would be put off. Maybe that was the popcorn talking after a late- night viewing of ANTR!!

Anita Casey-Reed

Yes - has a dream several years ago where I was on the titanic and the ship went down so slowly I stepped of it straight into a rubber life raft. Then I was debating staying in the raft or heading for the icebergs still floating around, because they were covered with hungry polar bears. (yes, that's weird, but it was a DREAM!)
Yes, I have had a Titanic related dream. I was on the ship but refused to leave the ship until I got to see every room on board (I must have known the story and wanted to examine everything I could before it was too late.) Anyway all I remember was running through a hallway labeled 2nd Class and the lights flickered and went out. That was all...
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We have all had weird dreams about people we haven't seen in a while. Often these dreams are triggered by a conversation mentioning that person earlier in the day. With that thought in mind, I often bring a Titanic book to bed and flip through deckplans and the interiors. Only once did I wake up when my alarm was ringing and I must have been having a Titanic related dream. All I remembered was being in a room that was turned up on end and half filled with water. The startling realization that it was my alarm clock ringing almost complete erased the dream. I didn't remember if it was the Smoking room or Lounge. To this day, I still keep a Titanic book on the nightstand, but no other dreams yet. I hope the next one is on the Olympic! LOL.

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Yes, I dreamed about being there a few years ago. I even started a thread about it a long time ago. It was a very intense, realistic dream. I was in first class and from what I could tell it looked like C Deck. I was in bed and was awoken by the collision. The dream was so intense I could almost feel the covers over my body.

Parts of the dream are blurry and immemorable, but I know at one point I bumped into Ismay and he was climbing some type of ladder. I can also remember someone coming to my cabin shortly after the collision. He was some young man.

Sadly, I went down with the ship. Me and several faceless passengers were on the grand staircase when it left its foundations. All I can remember is water crashing all around and horrible shrieking.
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I had the dream a couple of months ago. I was a 1st class passenger. There wasn't to much about the sinking but instead a few hours before. It was kind of like the game Titanic Adventure Out Of Time (the PC game). I woke up from the dream pretty freaked out.


So it was you doing all that horrible shrieking! You have one healthy set of lungs.

"See you in my dreams."

Sure. How about we take the Lusi next?
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Dreamt once I stepped out onto deck just as an iceberg glided past - there was no-one to ask if it was the Titanic so I don't know.

My "bad" dreams usually consist of me watching a plane flying overhead only for it to suddenly veer off course and hit the ground nose-first right in front of me. Pyscho-analysed myself and came to the conclusion I am great at side-stepping and surviving personal disaster.

The only time I ever woke up crying from a dream was when I was a kid and dreamt that I was in a train which derailed off a bridge. I HAD just watched The Cassandra Crossing though.

Dreams - why do they say if you dream you are falling and you hit the ground before you wake up, you die in your sleep? What?! How do they know? I've hit the ground loads of times and all it's done is jolt me awake. Particularly visually amusing when you're sat behind someone on the bus and they jolt awake when you didn't even know they were asleep. Cracks me up every time.


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