Have you ever had THE DREAM?

Hey All,
I think I only had a dream of the Titanic once or twice. It was weird though because one of the times the deck was made of ice and i slipped off almost and my family speed off with the bow of the ship as if was a speed boat! Lol ok maybe im crazy!

I dreamt once that I found the book or diary or Eva Hart. It was in her handwriting and had her name hand printed in the back. I know I was talking to someone about it but I can't remember who. Just what I told you above is all that I remember.
I did not have the dream, I had an experience a whole lot worse.

When I was 18 (in 1975) I was messing around with Transcendental Meditation. I belonged to a group that met 2x per week. I was in the deep relax mode and started my meditation. I was supposed to clear my mind, and somehow I wound up on Titanic as she was sinking.

I was on the Starboard side near the bridge area. I don't know why I did not move from that spot, but I pretty much stayed there. I could see all of the happenings on the bridge including how Capt. Smith met his end. I saw Capt. Smith on the Port side call out 'abandon ship' on the megaphone. Then he came back inside the forward bridge area and just stood there, quietly waiting for the end. He was touching one of the engine telegraphs as the water closed over his head, making no effort to save himself. By this time the water was up to my waist, but I was not afraid. As the water rose to my throat, the meditation coach brought me back. What made her do this was I was shivering a great deal.

My coach, other members and I talked about my experience and all agree that I had an out of body experience. A very dangerous one at that. How and why I wound up there is a mystery, and this has never happened to me since.

I can tell you that my legs were extremely cold and it took me a few hours to warm up again. I was suffering all of the symptoms of exposure. I also know that my mind set at that time was that I was going to drown, and I was making no effort to save myself either as there were no lifeboats left. I was also aware that I had a lifebelt on at one point, but someone took it off of me. But I was feeling no fear either.

I remember this one incident as if it were only yesterday. But, that was the last time I have done any meditation of any kind. I wish it had been a dream, as it would have been easier to dismiss.

April Simerly

Nope, I've never had any dreams of being on Titanic. I just somehow know I was there. Don't ask me how, because I myself can't explain it. It's just a feeling I have and an intimate familiarity with everything about the ship. I got a Titanic based game once and without the tour I could navigate the whole ship just fine. And this was an award winningly accurate rendering of the ship's interior, too.

I also can't stand large ships or the ocean. I just can't stand it. Nothing bad has ever happened to me in the water or on a ship, but I hate it. Well, can't call it hatred, it's more of a mind numbing fear. And the funny thing is I'm not at all scared of the water in general. I'm a great swimmer and I love to look at the ocean, I just won't go into it more than a couple feet. I like to think of it as a "deep respect" for the sea. hehehe. And the ship thing is very strange. I don't mind small boats at all, I don't even mind ferrys, but for some reason when I step foot on a large ship I loose the ability to breathe. I basically have a full blown panic attack, and for absolutely no reason. I have no reason whatsoever for being that scared. And in my mind I know it's an irrational fear, but that is incapable of stopping it. My parents tried to get me on a ship once when I was about 12 and I threw such a fit they actually delayed casting off till it was sorted out.

And then there is the matter of Margaret Edith Graham. Looking at her picture she could be my great-grandmother's sister. And she looks scarily similar to me, as well. And the fact that she died 4 days before I was born is kind of strange, as well.

I really enjoyed this topic! Thanks a lot!

I had a Titanic dream a while back. I had to have been in 3rd or 4th grade at the time. It was really stupid, actually. Not very vivid. Almost cartoonish. I remember guys using a battering ram to push the side of the officer's quarters inward to cause the deck above to sag allowing the collapsible boat to slide down! Ridiculous, huh? The ship slid under real suddenly and a snowball fight broke out among the lifeboats! Where they got the snowballs I'm not sure. As the snowballs started flying, the dream sort of "faded out" as if it were a movie. Very stupid, I know.
About 15 years ago I had a bad case of the flu. I was lying on a sofa, feverish and restless. I fell into a fitful sleep and dreamed that I was on ship. I can't say it was Titanic. It was just a ship -- and it wasn't necessarily sinking. I was trying to find my way to the top deck through a maze of passageways. In the dream I was getting increasingly frustrated because no matter how hard I tried, I kept coming back to the place where I started. The dream seemed endless, and the frustration continued to grow. I remember that when I awoke I forced myself to stay awake because I didn't want to have that dream again. And I never have.
I always dream about things I'm interested in, which can either be huge fun or rather alarming. It was great fun one night trying to interest Churchill in my invention of the dishwasher, to help all those working, queueing women ... he didn't seem to know much about housework, and wanted to know if it had tracks or wheels. Less fun was once dreaming that Henry VIII wanted to marry me. Ditto getting lost in the Valley of the Kings during a flash flood. Worst of all, Titanic (possibly). No ship, nothing except tormented faces looming out of the black water. Personally, I blame the Discovery channel for all of this ....
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Matt Endacott

I seem to often have a very chilling & disturbing dream related to the Titanic. I can't describe it well as it all seems a blur, yet i can remember an uncomfortable feeling of being in a tight, heavy life belt followed by bobbing in cold water. Then i look up and see a large boat, can't say it's Titanic but it looks it. There are lifeboats going down the side and i try to swim to them, yet i can't. I think it's that i can't feel my legs in the cold, im not sure but the feeling of not being able to go to this slowly moving lifeboat is terrible. The last few times i've had it i realise it IS a dream, but i can't wake up. I can't remember the last thing i see before waking up scared. I have a vivid memory of someone saying "Your Cheering." not sure really. The first time i had it i was absolutely terrified and stopped myself from having ANYTHING to do with the Titanic for ages. I told friends and they suggested in a past life i could have been aboard the Titanic, yet im not really into that. Anyone had a similar dream?

Jack Coburn

I have a recurring dream about that scene from Camerons Titanic, where the glass dome cracks open and water pours through it like a rainfall, right on top of me.

Karrie Wright

I've had dreams that i probally got as a result of watching TITANIC a few to many times, I have the ones in the life boats, looking at the ship as it goes down. I had one where I was first class and I met all the people like Molly Brown and such, and the one I hate to amit is the one i had a few months ago, where i was Rose, and it was after the sinking and I found out Jack was alive *rolls eyes*

But that was before i knew it was all a fake little love story, and since then my dreams were all about the ship, and the sinking, like the dreams people have allready mentioned.

Hey everybody...

I had a dream last night I'd like to share with all of you.

From the start, it was obvious that I was on a modern cruise ship. It wasn't just any cruise ship though, because it was named "Titanic II". I saw the ship's bow from a distance and saw the name painted on it. It was a colorful bow, black with different designs of blue and red, with the name in white I believe.

It was apparently the ship's maiden voyage. People were talking about possible bad luck associated with the name, but I remarked to somebody that it did not bother me. We began the trip in Southampton, I believe. I also remember seeing a coastline and knowing that it was the coast of Ireland.

I began exploring the ship, especially the staterooms. I remember thinking they were very nice, but unfortunately don't remember many of the details. I myself was staying in a second-class room, and it was spacious. In fact, I had a door to the outside that led to an outside deck, complete with swimming pool and sandy beach. I also remember seeing what seemed to be a miniature golf course.

The final part of my dream took me up to the bridge, where I talked to the captain for a while. He looked like Captain Smith, but I don't believe that was his name. Later it was dark, and for some reason, I was at the ship's wheel. I was wanting to drop anchor because it was so dark I couldn't see in front of me. Ah, if only the real ship's officers had been as cowardly as that

That is all I can recall of the dream, unfortunately. I have a bad habit of not being able to remember ANYTHING about dreams as soon as I wake up, so I'm lucky to have remembered that much from this particular dream. FWIW, this is the first dream I ever remember having that involved Titanic in some way. Wouldn't mind to have a few more, though.

-Chris H.

Alex McLean

Dropping anchor in ocean about 2 and a half miles deep is not that good of an idea, Chris, though.
I dreamt I was on the Titanic again on the plane from Bangkok to Frankfurt (anyone who has made the trip at night can tell you it is a very long flight). I found myself in a lifeboat being lowered, and I think I remember leaning on the sides which were much softer than wood, so I can assume it was a collapsible. When it was in the water, the men were rowing away, and one woman was complaining for some reason (about what I cannot remember).
I remember seeing the forecastle go underwater and a man engulfed as it did so. He ended up swimming to our boat in the end.
Well, I remember the final minutes pretty well, but I don't wish to go into them that much, but I seem to recall it was similar to Ghosts of the Abyss because I remember a lot of photographs flying towards the ship, of course, photographs of people we all recognise, as well as several of my friends. The cries, the lights, the wrenching of metal, all the horrors we know and are glad we never had to witness. That was the end of it, and I woke up to find the plane in near darkness with many people asleep. Too tired to stay awake, I soon drifted off again and awoke to the adventure ahead.
My best,

Okay, has any one here ever had any weird/strange dreams connected to the titanic?

Because last night I had a really weird dream that everywhere I went people had like little signs or flags outside there houses with stuff about the titanic written on it, but I didn’t understand why every single person had these. Then when I woke up this morning I realised it was April 14th! The day titanic struck the iceberg!

That was really weird dream, on a strange night/day as well, so I was wondering if anyone else had had any Titanic related dreams that they remembered????
Many Erin! lol..

Very strange dreams are.. I have another post under dreams that has the dream if you want to check mine out.

I seem to always be trying to stop it from sinking, but it still sinks.