Have you ever had THE DREAM?

hey... some more weird stuff happened to me about the titanic.... my game i'd brought on ebay, Titanic Adventure out of time! came in on the 15th of april.... i played it for the whole day, i was so into it I lost track of time! I played it right up untill the part when the ship hits the iceberg, then went to bed-only to notice that it was around 11 o clock. forgive me if i'm mistaken, but wasn't that around the time the titanic hit the iceberg in real life? it really freaked me out and I couldn't sleep.....

Jason D. Tiller

"...but wasn't that around the time the titanic hit the iceberg in real life?"

Yep, that's right. At approximately 11:40 pm, she struck the iceberg.
Actually, the Titanic hit the iceberg at 11:40 p.m. on April 14, the night before, so you were a day off, Erin, but it's still weird.

By the way, I Have had that game for some time, but all I'm able to do is take the tour; for some reason, the game itself won't initiate for me. I'd be curious to see what happens. Do you see hundreds of (stock) people on the boat deck waiting or being loaded into lifeboats? Hmmm.

And, yes, I've had dreams - very penetrating dreams - but I won't mention them for two reasons: (1) because they will cause arguments, and (2) because they're not that important anyway. No one will care reading about them.

Take care, all.

"By the way, I Have had that game for some time, but all I'm able to do is take the tour; for some reason, the game itself won't initiate for me. I'd be curious to see what happens. Do you see hundreds of (stock) people on the boat deck waiting or being loaded into lifeboats? Hmmm"

not hundreds, maybe 20 or something at diffrent locations around the ship. It's really cool though, because the ship tilts and you can hear people screaming and yelling, and you can go and see the head sinking lower and lower. there are heaps of cool animations too.......it's a shame yours won't work, maybe try re-enstalling it...

why won't anyone want to read about your dreams? i'm interested....
That sounds interesting, Erin. I'll try it again as soon as I can. If not, I may just look to purchase a new one, if I can find them. I haven't seen it in the stores in a while. The animations seem intriguing. Imagine going through the hallways and seeing water splashing up toward you from forward, or being on the aft grand staircase when the ship breaks in two...

As for my dreams, my theories would tend to be touching a sensitive cord with many here, so I would be safer not to mention it. Needless to say, my dreams seem...real. I've had them since before I saw any movies. That's what is so intriguing about them.
Want to hear something wierd. I had a dream once some time after the movie, and in my dream I was drowning, It looked dark in my dream and I could could see lights around me. I could also see the water slashing, I dont remember if the water was cold or anything.

I dont know if it counts as a Titanic Dream or not.
I know that the last post here was like 2 months ago or so but...oh well lol
Two days ago I just had the weirdest dream and actually the first dream I ever had with Titanic. So here goes: I was simply on this typical dreamy beach with white sand and clear blue water and in front of me there are a lot of ocean liners, like a type of Queen Mary 2 you know..."modern ship looking", no Titanic though. So for no reason I started running really fast toward them and I pass so fast by the side of one that the whole ship flips in the air and lands right beside me and as it hits the ground horizontally(you can imagine the impact of a queen Mary 2 on a normal beach falling from the air and landing on a few feet of water) then, as a shock wave like thing, the sand starts to like "falling" making the beach deeper and darker. I see the sun going down on the horizon,becoming night, as I feel the water level, pretty quickly actually, rising on my body and suddenly all I can see are the lights of a large ship flickering and they're tilted so much that it obviously is sinking. So me, now with water by my neck, which means that I had to swim, trying to grab chairs but they all stupidly floated away. So out of nowhere I grab a giant rubber duck(you can laugh). then I hear a voice saying "A36 certainly sir" then a man opens a door and I enter a room full of blueprints ( i was looking at blueprints all night) and he says again "You can have them all, sir, he's smoking anyway" then as I went to grab them, I woke up, realized I was late for school and I started hating school more then ever.
Now after this "adventure" I have a question: what the hell does have that makes A36 so special?...I went to a blueprint and it's just normal room like many others. i want your opinion on that and...also what you thought of the dream lol....rubber ducks at the Titanic...only me

Jeffrey Beaudry

Wasn't A-36 the room that Thomas Andrews stayed in? That might explain the bit about the blueprints. And the line "he's smoking anyway" might refer to the fact that Andrews was last seen in the Smoking Room. However, I don't know what to say about the rubber duck.
lol was A-36 that thomas andrews was in?...I actually didn't know that...how the hell does my brain know?...Now that is SPOOKY. When I read it I thought well maybe it's a coincidence, but then the "he's smoking anyway" part would basically tell that it was Thomas Andrews....but how did my brain know that A-36 and Thomas Andrews were connected? I swear I didn't know that he was in cabin A-36.GOD!!! the human brain has a lot more to offer than we think.
I have had a couple of dreams about being on board a stricken ship. One dream being very strange! I was low down in a ship with people that i work with. I remember a figure that i thought was capt. smith. (its strange but i kept thinking of the man who played smith in the film in the early fifties, as he had a strong resemblance). The captain was saying something from the bible. Gradually we were running out of air, and i noticed that the side of the ship was starting to cave in on me but there was no water!!

Ive also had another dream about a ship where there was a member of the crew in a wheel chair. I remember things falling over n people running around n screeming.

michelle rowlett

hi i also had a dream about the titanic , it was about a month ago, i have always wondered what it would be like to visit the ship, which probably is why my dream came about. I remember walking into this room and before me stood the bow section of the ship, how mad does that sound, but thats the way it was, i walked over to it and held on to the railings, and just felt so overwhelmed with the whole experience, and then woke up !
I have had the same dream about Second Officer Lightoller for years. He is smiling and talking directly to me and telling me to go find my mother. I go and find her and turn around to find him walking away, which makes me very upset...I am always a little girl in the dream. I have had this same dream about 1-2 times a month for about maybe 17 years now...creepy?

I am never sure if I was actually on the Titanic though...

I have only really dreamed that I was on the Lusitania....but never the Titanic. Strange, right?

I think it might be the whole panic and chaos feeling. I don't like feeling "under pressure" and getting off a boat in under 18 minutes would be just a little stressful...
A few nights ago I had a dream,about a ship,it was large,It looked a bit like the Lusitania, not the Titanic,it was white and light blue.
My mom was on the wheel and me and my aunt,she was speeding up and making turns and was going on circles really fast then my aunt saiys:
''Didn't you know what happened to the ships?'' she meant to the Titanic and the Lusitania.
That's all I remember, I've had a few dreams too involving the Titanic, but I actually don't remember them.
i have the feeling that I've dreamed about being drowning or something related to water.
Huh. Well, I've had dreams about being on sinking ships, but I'm never exactly sure what ship it is. It's just a ship, and it's sinking. I'm standing on the deck, and people are running around me. I'm yelling someone's name, and I remember being very angry that whoever I'm yelling for left me. Then water starts to creep up around me, and I go under. I try to open my eyes, but the salt water burns them. I try to kick to the surface, but my legs won't move. So I just sort of float down. I always wake up gasping. It's really creepy. Maybe that's why I don't like being in water where I can't touch the bottom. But as I said, I'm not sure if it's the Titanic.