Have you ever had THE DREAM?


Adam Lang

I remember having Titanic dreams every now and then, and I laugh at how historically incorrect they are. In fact, they're not even that scary or adrenaline-rushing; they're just plain dumb. I remember one when my family and one of my old teachers were onboard. I got separated from them, and what was worse was that all the lifeboats were pickup trucks! I saw my old teacher and she said "goodbye" to me and kept jumping from above the officers's quarters onto the boat deck, always missing the ocean. Then, I remember seeing my family in one of the pickup boats and urging me to come in, and then I'm pretty sure I tried to get in the boat and accidentally fell in the water. Oh well. That's about all I remember from it.

-Adam Lang
Well, I actually had a dream last night. Different from the one that I posted before...Again, I can't be sure it's Titanic, but it bears striking similarities.

So I wake up in bed to someone pounding on my door. I open it up, and it's my brother(I don't have a brother in real life, but in the dream, I knew he was my brother). He's saying something's happened and the ship's sinking. We're running around and get to a stairway leading topside, but it's locked. We get to another stairway, but it's the same. Some guy calls out to us and shows us a ladder. He helps us up but says he's gonna stay down to see if there's anyone else he can help. We're running around in what I knew was second class and finally find another stairway - not locked, this time - but then my alarm went off. I was confused all day!!
I've had my own share of dreams of Titanic. One rather odd one was supposedly a scene from the 1953 film (a scene which does not really exist). It's simple but weird: Two of the officers are looking down a stairwell (the second-class one) and there's a grey seal swimming around in it, looking up at them with its big brown eyes. The dream scene was in color even though the film was in B&W. I will confess that after that, every time the 1953 film came on, I kept looking for the seal!
I've had two Titanic dreams in my life. In the first, I was going on a voyage aboard it with my family. She was (oddly enough) docked in what seemed to be a large irrigation canal beside a highway in rural Kansas. There was apparently a heavy fall of snow the night before, but only on the ship. On the forward well deck, it was piled as high as the crow's nest. This made her top heavy and when I leaned out over her starboard side, she violently capsized...that was the end of that. My second one was simpler. I watched her sink from a lifeboat off her port bow. The difference was that she settled stern first, her bow rising just enough to expose her forefoot, before settling straight down.
I can't say if it was a real dream, a spooky deja vu memory of an actual place I saw as a child or a picture plus imagination.

I dreamed I was a little girl in a pinafore, holding someone's hand and clutching a toy (a doll or a teddy bear or a wind up toy. Some comfort toy that I wasn't about to let go of.) We had walked down a narrow hall with white walls and into a room with four metal bunks and a large pipe along the ceiling. It was also painted white. I did not like this room. I was frightened sick. It did not have any windows, and I felt water pressing all around the outside of the room. The floor might have vibrated or there might have been an engine noise. I may be semi-consciously adding that on because I don't think I recall vibration. All I know was that room scared me witless and I was not going to enter it.

Now, if I did have a past life, it might've been a memory of Titanic or of another sinking. But it also could've been a memory of riding on a ferry, plus seeing a picture of a third class cabin. All I know is that I do not like noise, little white rooms and water -- if the room is not a washroom, that is.
I find this link fascinating because it brings back a dream I had when I was a lad but which has remained with me ever since - it was so vivid.

I was on the deck of the 'raised' Titanic. It was being towed to New York but oddly I was the only person on it. I can remember looking along the length of the promenade from the bow (funny how much you can make out in a dream!) and I could see that the heavy swell was making the ship pitch in a slow motion kind of way - but which was terrifying. I thought that the whole ship was going to break apart or roll over. The sea was murky and angry with towering waves all around. I vividly recall that the hull was the same mottled rusty colour as in Raise the Titanic.

I suppose I must have seen the film RTT and it nestled in my brain for a while until it manifested itself in my dream. The overwhelming sensation I had as I stood on that empty deck was utter desolation and loneliness exacerbated I guess because the ship was devoid of other humans. Most of all though I felt so far away from the other ship which the Titanic was being towed by.

Odd, useless and not terribly interesting to anyone other than me and dream 'tellers'!
A seal, huh? Hmm- well this is what my dream dictionary has to say about that:

As in sea, the inner energies, rising within. A seal is a trust, a security or promise, a sign of integrity, which we can abuse or use as a power. It depicts the emergence into your conscious life of your deepest instincts and life energies -The seal also depicts the sense of beauty you may feel about the deeply natural and mysterious life in and around you. It therefore may show you things about life that arise from deep within, the unconscious. So it can be your intuitive knowledge.
Sounds good to me!
I seldom dream of anything that interests me, including Titanic.

In my best nautical dream, I was sailing a catamaran on Lake Bonney, in South Australia, a thing I have done in real life. The wind was strong and the lake was very rough, with the short, steep seas you find in shallow water.

I had everything under good control and the cat was belting away to windward in fine style. The only odd thing was that no sails were up!

Your dream is touchingly haunting I think. Seals are such attractive, benign creatures aren't they? Perhaps you have a great love for animals and the thought of this one being trapped/in a desperate situation upsets you. Animals can touch us in ways that humans simply can not.
I adore animals, and have never lived in a house without at least one. My most animal-infested night was years ago on a friend's farm in the breeding season. I was obliged to sleep with one piglet, one lamb, two dogs, a cat, and a parrot roosting on the bedhead. The cat seemed especially resigned to the situation. The rest of the family was similarly encumbered, but were very pleased that the parrot had decided to sleep in my room. I soon found out why. Every time I stirred in my sleep (quite often, understandably) it squawked, ruffled its feathers, pecked anything in sight, flew round the room, and re-settled. The other denizens of my room / bed just sighed and scruffled around a bit. They got up early, though. When I awoke at about 7.00 I was entirely alone.

However, I have to say that in my experience of seals around the coast of Britain, they are not always such benign creatures, even if they are attractive. I've been seen off a beach by one. But they are lovely - they seem to be able to cry, which is rather worrying.
I had this dream a few weeks ago that I was Murdoch and I had just been swiped off the deck by a wave and got pulled into boat #14 from balancing on a peice of wood and survived, it was really weired!
In 1995 i had never seen a movie about titanic or anything about the wreck but nevertheless
I already new many parts of the ship,and then a start to have many dreams about a ship wreck i heard pipes bending people yelling to each other and the most terrifying thing was the sound of the water hit something .....it sounds weird but i still feel(in real life) uncomfortable with the sound of the water. Anyone of you people have feel or experimented that kind of things???.
And when a see the movie i fell in shock when i saw the same corridors that i had been seeing in my dreams Since then I have a crush on titanic ,,,,,,If anyone have feel something like i did I WOULD LOVE To HEAR it

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Holly Peterson

I had my very first Titanic-related dream when I was in grade 5 or 6. I wasn't very interested in the Titanic back then but, being extremely bored, I had looked at a book about the Titanic in a bookstore. Randomly flipping pages I found a picture of the Goodwin family and was appalled to find out that so many little children had died in the wreck. From then on it became my mission to find out more about this family and others who were on board the 'unsinkable ship.'
That night, I dreamed by Grade 5 teacher was taking us on an 'educational' field trip. The goal of the trip was to see if we could survive the Titanic, which looked just like Captain Hook's pirate ship in the disney movie 'Peter Pan.' The ship's dining room was somehow removed and converted into a lifeboat, which most of our class escaped in. Just when I thought I was safe, I appeared back on board the ship near the last lifeboat. I stepped in, but suddenly the Goodwins appeared out of the crowd. I knew they were going to die but thought, 'Not if I can help it.' I gave up my seat for them (I don't know how one seat can turn into eight seats, but that's the mysterious logic of dreams) and then the officers said 'Oh, there's one seat left, get in there' and I did.

Holly Peterson

I've had many other Titanic-related dreams since, many involving the Goodwins. In one, I was best friends with Jessie Goodwin and knew that she was going to die and I was going to survive, but somehow there was nothing I could do about it. In another, I was the nurse of this annoying 3-year old girl and when I tried to put her in a lifeboat she kept running away, running into third class, getting locked behind gates ... it was a bit of a nightmare trying to save her as the icy water kept creeping closer.

I have also had several TITANIC related dreams. By far the best was a dream that I was in an Antique store and stumbled upon two TITANIC books...one red in color and the other was blue in color. Not more than a year later I was in Nevada City, CA. Per the norm I always am sure to visit the Antique stores and used book dealers. Just so happens I entered the Antique store and asked the gentleman..."Do you have any thing related to the TITANIC?", his reply..."Let me call my wife and ask her". He came back with "She said there is two TITANIC books in a case over here". Lo and behold it was two of the TITANIC memorial editions published soon after the sinking...one blue the other red! The only variance in the dream was that the Antique store from my dream was in the next town west, Grass Valley.

Kinda spooky...;-)

Michael Cundiff