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Philip Hind

Staff member
Sep 1, 1996
One feature of the board which I have not used before but, in my less despotic moments, have considered, is the ability to nominate co-moderators for individuals topics or indeed the entire board.

This may sound like a recipe for disaster but I think we can trial it for a few months and then review. I don't think I can keep a close enough eye on the message board any more which causes problems when disputes occur. A few deputy sheriffs would help (I hope)

Personally it makes a lot of sense to me for say Eric and/or Mike S. (you can have more than one moderator per topic) to administer the Technical sections (both public and private) and for Randy or Shelley to look after the Gilded age section. I haven't asked these people to do so I only use their names as examples of members whose interests appear to lie in a particular area and who are message board stalwarts ( I resist the temptation to say old-stagers!)

We will agree some ground rules but essentially you will solely or jointly control your topic.

I will remain as administrator, therefore problems with discussions should go to the moderator, problems with moderators should come to me!

Full training given, appalling (i.e. non-existent) pay but a guaranteed bigger head as a result. Nominate yourself or someone else ... no time wasters please!

When this thing is up and running you will find moderators by clicking the link cunningly labelled "Moderators" in the top right hand corner.

So, let me know if you're up for it.
May 8, 2001
Sure Phil. If you can use my help in any way, please let me know. I would be happy to help! (Which thread includes diaper changes and 3AM bottle feedings, so we can be forwarned?)


Erik Wood

Apr 10, 2001
Are you referring to me Erik for the technical thread or another Erik for the technical thread??? If this would help you, I am up for it. Free training and no pay, that sounds a lot like my current employer i.e. my wife.

So if I become a moderator, do I get a free ET t-shirt (I have actually thought of coming up with a design and having it put on T-Shirt with Encyclopedia-Titanic a put on it.), a free coffee mug, something?? I think Mike S. and I would be willing to work together. I should probably ask him first, but I think it would work.

Oh, and if we made up t-shirts all the proceeds could go to upgrading the board and things of that nature. Just a thought.

I think I will go and get a ruler to measure how much my head will shrink when Phil says I can't be a moderator.


Beth Barber

Jun 7, 2001
Phil - I think that is a great idea! Delegation is the official word!! - Beth

I think Mike S. and Erik W. would be great moderators.
Others would be Bill W. Pat C. Inger S. Randy B. plus a great host of others.
Feb 14, 2011
Great idea. If you dont mind my asking Phil- what do you do, when you are not moderating the Titanic site? As a lifelong Titanic buff, and having collected titanic books since 1980, Id love to help out with the 'marketplace' or 'Titanic books' section. Plus having worked at a number of exhibits, I have a personal interest the 'Exploration and Exhibits' threads. Id love to help out.

But im wondering- How often would we need to pop by the site? I assume one must have daily acess, several times, to be of use as a moderator? I have nightly access...
Id accept payment in the form of a crisp 1911 Olympic/Titanic Shipbuilders book sent to me every month.

(just kidding- I truly love this website,I visit it every day, and would earnestly like to help you out )


Tarn Stephanos
Dec 6, 2000
I've been nominated? Gee, and here I thought I was doing a good job of hiding in the background.

Anyway, I'm willing to give it a shot, if Phil's willing to put up with me.

What size baseball bat do I need?

Pat Cook

Apr 27, 2000
This may not be the correct heading for this but has anyone else had their listings reversed? Suddenly, mine reads the last one first and vice versa on the tree and totally the opposite when you get inside the thread.

Is this normal or should I stop buying my medication from a guy in an old Buick?

Dyslexically yours,

Philip Hind

Staff member
Sep 1, 1996
I applied the latest Discus update yesterday and this seems to have happened since then, I have a query in to find out how to restore the old listing.
Nov 22, 2000
I could always make the tea! I'm tremendously hurt that nobody has nominated me for anything - therefore I am withdrawing from this Board for a period of two weeks (actually, I'm going on holiday but the former sounds more dramatic, doesn't it?)BYE

Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
Okay...back in action now after a one day hiatus messing with a computer that didn't want to let me post.

On the matter of moderating, I'm game for anything anywhere.

Geoff, have a nice holiday. BTW, I'll nominate you for everything, including paying the bills. (What are fiends...uh...freind s for?)

Michael H. Standart

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