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Firstly I would Like tothank all the people who have helped me in my search regarding the Hunts and the Hebbs.

Please can someone tell me who "Ginger" is as "ginger" was my grandfathers nickname but I might have my wires crossed.

Also I am trying to get in touch with Bill Hebb "seen his photo from the convention and he is the spit of my grandad Fredrick Ruben Hunt) and Tony Hebb who e-mailed me regarding his mum and hit the nail right on the head.

If Bill or Tony sees this please email me asap, I would love to hear from your My Great Uncle Thomas, Great Grandad Albert Hunt and My Uncle Hebb was all on the titanic. There are only 3 of Alberts children left and it would be a great honour to get in touch with you.
Hi Kelly,

I can't help you regarding any specific person by the name of 'Ginger', however, I'm guessing it may be one of those passing sea nicknames to get someones attention. Here's a passage from the U S Senate Hearings with Titanic Able Bodied Seaman Frank Evans on the stand:

SENATOR SMITH: That boat was lowered. Were there any male passengers in there: any members of the crew, males?

Mr. EVANS: I did not notice any. After we got them into that, I sung out to a seaman:""How many have you got in that boat?" I said: "Ginger, how many have you got?" He said: "There is only me here.""

Like you, I have always wondered about this nickname as well.

Best regards,
Hi, Kelly!

Don Lynch and I visited Bill Hebb and his family in 1984; although I no longer have his current mailing address, I might know someone who does. Please contact me privately.

All my best,

Dear everybody. 'Ginger' I believe would be the same as 'person with red hair'. I might be wrong, of course.

Dear Peter,

I, for one, would never say you were wrong, not after all those conversations (via email) regarding Daniel Buckley and lifeboat #13. In fact, I believe you may have hit the nail on the head - sounds VERY reasonable to me.

Best regards, as always,
Hello Cook, long time no see (or read???) Glad I hit the nail on the head.....:)
Peter, hope you are well? "Glad I hit the nail on the head" it's a pity you didn't hit Cook on the head too!


ps will we be seeing you this April?
A bit insensitive mentioning hammers - after all, you did see my feet whilst I was paddling.

THOSE were your FEET??!! I thought you were wearing catchers mitts! I am so sorry!
Hello Geoff, I hope to come to Southampton this April, but nothing definite yet....must talk to my bankers first....surprisingly, they don't just lend you money for first class tickets to foreign countries these days.....I take it it is too late too book now???

Best regards in all obsequiousness,

Albert Hunt who was actually born Alfred Sylvanus Hunt Jan-Mar 1889 in Southampton had the nickname Ginger because he had Ginger hair! I have been researching my family tree for over a year now. Albert Hunt was also my great grandfather. He died 23 march 1949 and was buried 28 march 1949.He's buried in Hollybrook Cemetry Grave B12/7.
Sorry Albert Hunt as he called himself was actually born Sylvanus Hunt on 25/2/1889 at 6 Castle lane Southampton. Forget about the Alfred bit.
Kerry, Albert hunt was christened Sylvanus, I have seen his bith cerificate, but his death certificate names him as Alfred! Not surprising really as many members of the family are know by names far removed from their birth names. My Dad, the eldest son was know as William all of his life but when he died we found out that his name was in fact Alfred William. Glenn Hunt
Hello, Sylvanus was my great great grandfather, and Frank James was my great grandfather. I've been looking into this recently but Sylvanus' name is Sylvanus Albert Hunt, he preferred to be called Albert, but wasn't apposed to be called either of those names