Hedwig Turkula

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Hedvig was my great great grandmother; my Grandpa John was the eldest of her three sons. In addition to sons John, Felix, and Sam, she had 6 daughters, two of whom died as very young children. Only one of her children (a daughter) remained in Finland. Hedvig's descendants as of 2011 number well over 200.

Teddy Gustafson

Jessica she is my great great grandmother too. Or so my dad Theodore Gustafson tells me. I remember visiting my great aunt on a farm in little swan MN before she died.I believe the in my family the lineage is Hedwig Turkula to John Turkula (Who had ten kids) to Lily Turkula (My Grandmother) who married Theodore R Gustafson (My grandfather). And then my dad Theodore Lee Gustafson Sr. and to me Theodore Lee Gustafson Jr. and my sister Michelle Gustafson.