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Hi All, even with the purchsed plans I am jnable to discern specific **height** measurements of the various structures on *boat deck*. Am I missing it? I have been able to find other measurements in reports and various studies/websites but the following are escaping me for actual height:

  • - 2nd Class Entrance (elevator)
  • - turbine engine room casing
  • - raised platforms (compass & turbine engine casing/smoke room)
  • - gymnasium

I have found the ‘Profile’ from the plans likewise unhelpful in the endeavor. Are there sources for the various heights of boat deck structures (Other than funnels/wheelhouse)?
If you can see numbers from midship.. from bow to stern along the centerline in plan views and along the keel in elevation view, these are frame numbers. You can use them as a "ruller". They are spaced 36 inches in the middle length, reducing to 24 inches at the ends. The plan view will show wher e he spaing changes.

Hope tbis helps
That's the beauty of "scale drawings". Once you know the scale something is drawn at, you can later back go to the drawing and "grab" a rough measurement from it. For example, as Jim Currie mentioned, the keel markings on the centerline of the ship are 36 inches (3 feet) apart. take 36" and divide by 200 (known scale) and you'll get 3/16" (this verifies the drawing scale is 1:200). Now go measure something else that you want to know the dimension of. Let's say you measure it to be 3/4". Multiply that number by 200. You should get 150 (which equates to 150 inches or 12-1/2 feet). Of course at drawing scales this small, the accuracy is NOT very accurate and could be off maybe a couple of inches either way. This bigger the scale drawing, the more accurate any "derived dimensions" will be. e.g.- drawn dimension = 36" (measured with imperial inch scale [ruler] 3/16" or .1875). New item measured on drawing = 3/4" (or .750). Now 3/4" (.750) × 200 = 150" (÷ 12 = 12.5' [12'6"]).

Maybe I've just confused you even more.
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Not particularly. When I began building it (within Minecraft), I approached the topic here and looked at both the plans and report(s) when considering scale. This was relatively easy when constructing length - as you noted, when viewing the plans (Boat Deck, A, etc.) We can see the length from the center line annotated.

For example, for Titanic's Boat Deck, we know it was ~500 ft. Taking this, and the measurements noted from the related plan, we get 166 marks at a multiple of 3, sum of which totals 488 (ft) or 166 inches.

What has now arisen (aside from the original query) is the keel markings. Is the scale - that is, the drawing itself, measurements simply a matter of setting associated metrics? Meaning, by grids was accomplished by setting a value of 10pixels with 3 subdivisions. Please take a look at the included snippet. Here, you can note that at that division, we intermediately run in to problems at the second grouping (Grp1: 88:87 & Grp2: 87:86).

Particularly, it appears that some of the markings are - at the pixel-level, represented by a length of '2px' whereas others are '1px'. For exact markings, there should be '30px` between each marking set (image 2), whereby every `10px` would be equal to `1ft` (for this project 1ft (10px) = 1block).

Unsure how I can use this, however, to get good estimates of the heights of those items mentioned above.


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Adding a bit more. Taking the profile plans, I associated grid lengs, with divisions by pixel. Again, making the divisions at a ratio to known measurements. In this case, from the British report, the height of C-deck was 9'. The pixel cut was set to a ratio of `13px` per grid-slice. Comparing to other known measurements, such as the compass platform (GLTS | Standard Compass) of 15', this seems to be accurate.

I have used the measurements to discern the height of two items:

2ndClass Entry and Elevator Gear (Boat Deck)
Raised platform over 1stClass Smoke Room

Anyone care to take a poke at these for integrity?

SecondClass Entrance BoatDeck
CompassPlatform BoatDeck