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It is done, but there is a problem.

Someone seems to have tried to plagiarize all my hard work and long hours spent researching. I have to put the printing of the book on hold until this mess is cleared up...But for all those patient people who have waited for this book, I will be giving you free copies most likely.

I have to go to court and prove that I am the one who has written the book and not the other person. They seemed to have copied several of my chapters verbatim, oops! I am not worried as this will be wrapped up soon (I hope).
Hi, Rachel!

A couple of days ago I reread your old email to me and was wondering how you were progressing on your book. I'm very sorry to hear that you're facing these problems of plagiarism.

I doubt if you'll have much trouble proving your own authorship, though. When the judge asks the plagiarizer to list the specific sources he used to write the chapters in question, the plagiarizer will be unable to produce any sources -- whereas *you* will have your own sources in hand; IMO that will be the end of the matter.

I hope the judge will penalize the scumbag who stole your work and that you'll get a nice cash award to compensate you for your trouble.

Please let us know when your book will be available -- I definitely want to order a copy.

All my best,

Hi Rachel,
Would very much like to get a copy of your book when it is ready. Sorry to hear about the plagiarism. Probably too late for this to help you--but on the manuscript for my own book, I make tiny little alterations on the pages and in the text that no one would ever be aware of except me and I do it consistently on all my work so that if anyone ever tried to plagiarize the whole or parts, I'd have them nailed. Also, my friend Chris Olson devised a fantastic little idea where photos are concerned and we have made the tiny alteration to every photo I'll be using so that we will always know not only if the photo came from us--but specifically what the source of the photo was (i.e. if I've given a copy of the photo to someone on condition that it not be shared further, I can tell who did share it). After a certain number of chapters are completed, I mail a copy of them to myself to get a postmark and then do not open the package when I receive it. That way, I can always prove possession of the parts of the manuscript by a certain date. A little paranoid? Maybe. But I've already surprised one individual by being able to prove that a single sentence had been lifted from my work. Never hurts to be safe.

Good luck!
I have over 100 sources, people, places, museums, etc., and my lawyer is making the thief prove at least 15 of the sources...and I can guarantee they will not be able to do it, because I still have the thanks/credits list on my computer and no printed copy...he he he he. Plus my book dedication...I have enough to prove my ownership. Then I will get the book to the printers, I hope you guys like it...
Hello Rachel,

I have to admit that this is the first time I have heard about your book, but I am very much looking forward to it now. I love biographies, since I am most fascinated by the players of the story. I will try to order a copy.

That's sad that someone has attempted to steal your research, but I'm sure they will be busted. Some people would just rather steal for something than work it out for themselves. I know this all too well!

Again, I'm looking forward to your book. Keep us all posted and good luck!
Rachel, I would love to purchase one of your books when you get it published. I hate that someone has done this to you. I can't imagine that someone could be so stupid to think they could get away with something like this.

Count me as another who is appalled at what you're going through. I hope it's all able to be resolved as cleanly and quickly as possible. I work in copyright sensitive area, so appreciate some of what you're having to prove and how. That, and I'll agree with Phil Gowan re his preventative measures seeming extreme but being irrefutable when they're needed to prove a point.

I'm also looking forward to your book and hope you'll have good news about its impending publication soon.

Hello, Rachel,

I also hope your lawyer nails that lowlife to the wall! I had some similar problems myself in trying to publish my book, so I sympathize completely.

And now that I think of it Rachel, you can add me to the numbers of people who line up for your work. I have tons of tech stuff, but very little on passengers and crew.
Is this the end of the growing line? Well, I will stand here, and chat with Michael while we wait for a copy of the book. Who brought pizza? How about a skewer!
Few things anger me more than someone stealing others work, and parading it as their own. Seems like the most used word here is lowlife scumbag. Don't like to overuse the word, but can't think of another word that I could use that the moderators wouldn't scold me for, so.... "Scumbag!!!Bad, bad lowlife scumbag!"

We're here for you, Rachel.

Phil. Paraniod? NO WAY! S.M.A.R.T.!
Well Colleen, the Muslims have a very direct way of dealing with thieves. They start cutting off body parts until it's no longer a problem. Right hand the first time, left hand the second time, head the third time, and the forth time...waitaminute...there is no forth time!!!!

Gee, I wonder why?
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