Helen Candee AuctionSept 2005

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Does anyone know how much the Helen Candee lots went for at Andrew Aldridge's much-publicised auction Saturday? What about the Butts and Millet telegrams? Where is Andrew Aldridge to tell us? (I expect resting after all that hard work, but I would like to know the auction outcome.) I suspect no records were broken, as I imagine we might have heard by now if they had. But maybe it takes a few days before results are announced. Was anyone here at the auction? Thanks.
It usually takes a few days for Mr Aldridge to update his site. He's a very busy man. If you check his site in perhaps a few days, the results will be published. Also, results from auctions are often posted under this 'Marketplace' category soon after.
We were very pleased with the sale, with a 91% sale to lot ratio which is excellent. The hammer prices for the Flask were £29,000 going to a British Collector which is a record price for a recovered item. The Beauchamp letter sold for £11000. The Harland and Wolff collection made over £10,000 and the Thomson archive over £6,000 to name but a few prices. Of course all of the prices are subject to buyers premium and taxes.

Our next sale is April 29th 2006 in Devizes and there are some wonderful pieces already consigned. I will post the advance press releases as they become available.

I am quite busy at the moment wrapping up this sale and putting together a Collectors and Antique auction which is scheduled for October 8th so will not be around to post for a while. If anyone has any questions for me, feel free to drop me a mail and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Kind Regards

Andrew Aldridge
Thanks Boz and Andrew:

Thanks for the figures.Needless to say, I am not surprised that the flask so exceeded estimate, but I did think it would go higher.

Boz, if you know, since I understand that Andrew is quite busy, I'm curious about a few other items:

What about the copy of Collier's that published "Sealed Orders" along with the letter from First Lady Taft?

What about the Butts telegram? And the Millet telegram? I thought both of those were especially poignant.

Boz, if you don't know, I'll drop Andrew an email.

Congratulations, Andrew, on what sounds like an exciting and successful auction. I was thinking of you while it was going on and wishing I were there. Maybe it's only a matter of time before you can televise your Titanic auctions live.

Hello Caroline,

If you can wait until tomorrow when I am at work I can get all those realisations for you. I was there but I don't remember off hand how much the items you mention fetched. I can make a call and get the notes made in the catalogue I was sharing.

Unfortunately my budget stretched only as far as buying two cups of coffee and two chocolate sponges.


Congratulations, Andrew on yet another spectacular auction! Your auction house has shown us enthusiasts without a doubt some of the most stunning titanic artifacts in existence.
Thanks for your kind words Trevor, they are much appreciated.

Caroline, from memory the Collier magazine was around the £550 mark, the two telegrams were £1200 and £1000, the photograph was £1250 and the Taft letter £1000. Hopefully in the future you will be able to make it over to one of our auctions.

I look forward to seeing some of you at our next sale in Devizes on April 29th 2006.

Best Wishes

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