Helen Margaret Bishop

Rachel, when will your book on Helen Bishop be available to the public and where can I get a copy?
She didn't want her dog to take the place of a person on the lifeboat . There was no way to know if animals would be allowed on the lifeboats your comment is harsh and judgemental.
Ok, after years of wrangling and court tie ups, the problem with the plagiarizer of my work has been handled. The Helen Walton Bishop Biography I have been working on for several years is close to being ready for publication! Finally.

The problem started when I was doing research I foolishly left my notes and large binder out on the table at a library when I went to make copies from a newspaper. Little did I know someone took my source notes and copied them. I found out about it when one of the librarians who knew me and my work on the Helen book informed me that this "person" was asking to get the information that was mentioned in my notes. It was a fiasco, and took a toll on me, but I kept fighting and finally got things worked out and am back on track to finish up the book. I am hoping to have it out by this summer.

Sorry I took so long updating people here, but with litigation and problems, I didn't want to take the chance of messing up. Thank you for those who have been patient and emailed me about the book.
Not sure if you're still checking in Rachel, but oh my goodness, how horrifying! So glad you saw it through! Count me as an immediate buyer of your book whenever it becomes available.

I still remember the tantalizing detail you dropped in another thread about the accident between Helen's electric car and a taxi cab. I have traced the lives of Helen and Dickenson as thoroughly as I could through newspaper archives but never came across that particular tidbit. Hope it made the book!