Helen Newsom and Karl Behr


Re: Helen Monypeny Newsom
does anyone know how old helen was when she boarded the titanic, and also why the beckwiths were on the titanic to new york.

Ren Davis

helen newsom photo can be found alongside the photo of her beloved Karl Behr on page 37 of the book "Titanic", which is a non fiction companion to the book "Tonight on the Titanic", by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne, published by Random House children's books in August 2002..first edition. www.randomhouse.com/magictreehouse should help you narrow it down. Hope this works! If Random house has one photo, it likely has sources for others. I just happened to be looking up photos of the passengers myself, while my daughter was reading this book, and I caught your post...hence the children's book reference. Good luck!