Hello everyone


Good evening and hello everyone!

I created account on this amazing forum yesterday and want to use this thread to introduce myself a bit.
I`m Daniel, 29 years old and a Titanic fan since I`ve seen the James Cameron movie as a kid in arround 2000. But I was interested in ships many years before. As a kid I always wanted to be an shipbuilding engineer when I am adult :) I`ve collected many titanic related things at my parents` home like models, ship`s bell, coins replicas of Titanic`s boardings cards, menu plan and so on. Started with a tiny Titanic model, I built a bigger one. And when my father surprised me with "Titanic: Adventure out of Time" I was the happies kid on earth :p Many years later I got the info some guys want to recreate the Titanic in detail, so I was one of the first who contributed to "Titanic: Honor & Glory" on indiegogo :) Now I earn nearly every Titanic related game on Steam and I can`t wait "Britannic: Patroness of the Mediterian" will be released soon :)

I am happy to meet other Titanic fans here and learn more about Titanic and ships of this era.

Stay healthy!

Tim Gerard

Aloha and welcome. Your story of being interested in the Titanic from childhood is very similar to mine. I got interested in the ship as a young child, before seeing James Cameron's movie, but I did end up studying Naval Architecture/ship design in college because of that interest. Very interesting field. If you are still pursuing that and have any questions about the field, feel free to ask me and I can do my best to see if I can help.
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