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I can't say when I first heard about the Titanic, but I must have been pretty young (I was born in the early '70s). As time has gone on, the fascination with the ship and its tragic story has only grown, especially since visiting Belfast.

I've been to Belfast twice, once in 2010, when I and my then girlfriend went on a Titanic walking tour and saw the exhibition centre under construction, and once in April 2012. During this second visit, I went to a lecture in the completed centre, on the 14th, delivered by Bob Ballard, and actually got to meet him, if only briefly.

I find anything to do with the ship fascinating, although I can't put my finger on precisely why.

Anyway, that's enough for now. Glad to have the chance to discuss things with other titanophiles.

Hi Martin, welcome to the forum:) I sincerely hope you have enjoyed your stay in Belfast, judging by your interest in her history! I'm a titanophile, too! I want to ask you, is there a person from Titanic history you would like to speak to in particular, if you had a time machine or something like that? I am a big fan and admirer of Mr.Andrews, so I would like to meet him in person particularly, but also Mr.Murdoch, or Mr.Lowe. What about you?


Thanks :)

Belfast is a great place, with (in my experience) very nice people, nice pubs, and the legendary Ulster Fry.

I think I'd probably like to meet Mr Andrews as well, but I'd particularly like to meet Charles Joughin :D

Adam Went

Hi Nafadon,

Welcome to the forums.
If you get the chance, grab yourself a copy of Tom Thompson's "Auld Hands" . It's a book basically filled with anecdotes about the shipyards of Belfast, the men who worked at them and the ships that they built. I think you'd find it an interesting read, I certainly did and i've never had the chance to get to Belfast.

See you around!