Hello from Alberta (AKA definitely not near the Atlantic)

Well, hello! I'm rather new to this website in specific but not to the Titanic. I'm rather excited to see that there IS a place for Titanic buffs from all over the world to talk!
Now lets kinda hop into an introduction; Hi, I'm Racheal but I also commonly go by Ray.
I'm from a little city in Alberta, Canada; Much farther away to Halifax than I'd prefer and ultimately any ocean too.
I've been studying the R.M.S/S.S Titanic since I was about 8yrs old which has prompted my extreme interest in maritime history (Or at least fed into it) and reading more about any shipwreck I hear about or find online. The dream is to be a Historian, get a bachelor's in history and live the metaphorical dream but for now, it's plenty of time at the computer researching and reading about shipwrecks... And talking a little too much about history.

Bringing it back to the here and now, I'm currently finishing my last year of home-schooling!
Thanks for reading through, hope to talk to plenty of you soon, toodles!