Hello from America.

Vince Davis

Hello my name is Vincent. I have been following this page for almost a year and realized I have not introduce myself. I have been so enthralled in reading all of the post and research materials on the site that it slipped my mind. ET has been much the learning experience. The same that ET has helped me to find many competent books on Titanic.

I became fascinated with Titanic as a kid when I watched Robert Ballard discovery of Titanic on TV in the 80's. From there I developed a love affair with ships and shipwreck but I always came back to Titanic. My interest in Titanic has always been in the crew, how the ship operated, construction and design and all aspects of the sinking.

Thank you for adding me to the site and my apologies for being being late in my introduction. I look forward to continuing learning from all of you. :)
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