Hello from author with a new novel about the Titanic


Mar 21, 2020
Hello, all! My latest novel, The Deep, just came out and I was wondering if there'd be interest here in an AMA or Q&A.

The Deep is my fifth novel. It's a reimagining of the sinking of the Titanic and it's sister ship Britannic, with a horror twist. I imagine most of the folks who come to Encyclopedia Titanica are strictly interested in history and that's great; my novel is not a faithful recreation of history, obviously, but meant to use history to tell another story, hopefully in an entertaining way. My last novel, The Hunger, a reimagining of the story of the Donner Party, made several Best Books of 2018 lists, was nominated (and won) literary awards, and film rights were optioned by Ridley Scott. I'm tremendously proud of The Deep but coming out right as the coronavirus broke out has made getting the word out quite hard.

If you'd be interested in a Q&A on this site, we can make it a thread. Please leave me a reply. Or folks can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, or subscribe to my newsletter. I've been doing some livestreams about the book, too, and have a podcast where I talk about the history behind my books.

Thanks for reading!

Alma Katsu
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