Hello from Lake Erie


Hello, everyone. I'm new to the forum but not to the fascination with the Titanic disaster: I've been interested by it since I was a wee lass. I probably won't contribute anything of import, but I feel as though I do belong here as a member, not merely a lurker. I hope my interest in this disaster is not merely voyeuristic, but an earnest effort to understand what happened.

Thank you for accepting me, and grateful thanks to the historians who make the forum such an insightful place to browse.

God bless all who sailed on that ship that terrifying night.
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Where on Lake Erie?

One thing...please never degrade your abilities. Everyone can make a contribution. And, remember that you learn as much (maybe more) being wrong that being right.

-- David G. Brown


Thank you, David.

I live in Port Clinton: grew up on the Lake, boating in lovely Lymans! Quite near history too: given a clear day, I can see Perry's Monument from my bedroom window: "We have met the enemy, & they are ours."

Best.Text.Ever. lol