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Hello from Nice, France

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Charlie Lecach, Jan 17, 2019.

  1. Hello to you all,
    Just a few words to introduce myself : I'm a French automotive journalist and also motorcycle historian. But as I've been writing such articles for almost 30 years, my interest slightly faded away whereas my interest for ocean liners, their history and memorabilia has increased.
    I'm more into the Lusitania than into the Titanic history. Probably because I'm an avid collector and realized that it's easier to find authentic Lusitania memorabilia than original Titanic memorabilia, photos, postcards or literature. I was totally convinced when I managed to buy one of those famous Elgin watch cases salvaged from the Lusitania wreck by Oceaneering back in 1982.
    Anything salvaged from the Titanic is pure "unobtainium". And if you get deeply into the Lusitania history, it's as intresting as the Titanic history.
    But of course, I'm also fascinated by anything related to Titanic and have many books on the topic, since the first one I bought back in 1986.
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  2. Harland Duzen

    Harland Duzen Member

    Welcome to ET Charlie Lecach!
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  3. Yes. To echo Harland welcome to ET. I've been to your city. I liked it there. Everybody I ran into seemed pretty friendly and laid back. I can't say that for every town I visited in France. :)
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  4. SmileyGirl

    SmileyGirl Guest

    Hi Charlie, nice to meet you. I’m new too. I’m fascinated by Titanic but reading the threads on here, I realise I only know the basics, people have such an in-depth knowledge on here and Im learning new stuff with every post I read. There is also some cattiness on here which I find amusing also ;)
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  5. Welcome to you too SmileyGirl! Yes this is a very good site. I learn something new every time I come here.
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  6. Jack Raby

    Jack Raby Member

    Welcome aboard Charlie
  7. Jeremie

    Jeremie Member

    Hello everybody,
    Bienvenue Charlie ! I'm taking advantage of your introduction to do mine as I am also French :)
    I'm very interested in the Titanic as it is an extremely eye-pleasing and luxurious ship, the rareness of the material we can find on it makes it a fascinating subject when trying to get it back to life.
    Huge ships of her time are state-of-the art, which is why I'm also a little bit into Lusitania.
    I'm looking forward to learning a lot and giving what I can for the community !
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  8. SmileyGirl

    SmileyGirl Guest

    Thank you Steven. I liked your message but forgot to reply! I wish I could get my head around mirages and refraction. I’m doing my best :confused:
  9. SmileyGirl

    SmileyGirl Guest

    Welcome Jeremie. Titanic was SOOOO beautiful.
  10. Your Welcome. And Welcome to you too Jeremie. Yes if you read thru the threads here on mirages and refraction and other optical illusions it can get quite complicated. I dont understand half of it myself. But I'm of the opinion that standing in a crows nest in freezeing weather with a relative 20 knot wind blowing in your face would affect your ability to see anything more than a mirage would. But thats just my opinion based on my experience with the cold. I can't prove it.
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  11. Jack Raby

    Jack Raby Member

    Welcome aboard Jérémie. The Titanic is definitely fascinating or we woudn't be here ;)
  12. SmileyGirl

    SmileyGirl Guest

    Yes it’s not a job I would like!