Hello from Nick Regan, g-granson of Thomas P O'Connor (First Class Steward)

Nick Regan

Mar 24, 2012

I am the g-grandson of Thomas Peter O'Connor, First Class Steward. He was my mum's mum's dad.

I've been researching Thomas O'Connor and have quite a lot of info about him and his widow Nell, as do my cousins. I'd be very glad to find out more. In particular, is there any way of knowing which cabin/passenger(s) he was assigned to?

I'd especially like to contact my relative Jennifer Moser, whose posts I've only today found on the old Message Board:

Username: jemoser
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Registered: 8-2003

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I am researching my gg uncle Thomas Peter O Connor Cabin steward some of the information on line seems to be incorrect I would like to put forward my findings. I am new to this whole sight so would appreciate help in this.I also have some questions for the future. Thank you.Jenny

Bob Godfrey answered jenny's posts; the thread was moderated by Inger Sheil. I would love to contact Jenny. Has she been back in touch? I had no idea about her side of my family - I think we have a lot to talk about! Can ET put us in touch please? Where should I post an appeal, and the info I have already?


Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Nick. The best place to post would be the existing thread you've referred to above. But you can't do that right now because the crew research threads are in process of being transferred from the old ET forum to this new one. Hopefully they will be available here soon. In the meantime you can read the content of the thread in the old forum but we can no longer post there.

Unfortunately Jenny is no longer a member at ET so there will be no contact details on record, but when it's available you could post an appeal in the same thread in the hope that she might see it. You could also try to locate her by trying an ordinary Google search - or you might find her on Facebook.

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