Hello from Pennsylvania!


Hi all! I'm Doe and I'm from PA. I've had an interest in the Titanic and all things related for about two years now and that's lead me to some pretty interesting places and sites. While I haven't taken my interests abroad like I would hope to, hopefully in about a year or so I'll be on my way to Europe to learn what I can. To be honest, it's hard to connect with people my age about Titanic, mostly because all they can relate to is that movie Titanic from 1997. It's nice to find a place where I can talk to people who are just as fascinated as I am. I came on this site actually out of desperation because I couldn't seem to find any solid information. I'm writing a brief fiction piece on life as a stoker on the Titanic, their experiences beforehand and even after the sinking, so plan on seeing me asking A LOT of questions. Anywho, that's my piece. Nice to meet you!


Nice to meet you Doe and hello from Scotland! Looking forward to helping with your questions and hopefully to read your fiction on a stokers life.
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