Hello from the snowbelt USA


Just thought I would post a brief introduction. :)

My name is Matt, I'm from Erie, Pennsylvania but currently reside a few miles south in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. I just graduated in December 2014 from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a four year bachelors degree in Communications. I am currently working on plans to study abroad for my masters degree in human resource management in the UK next fall. Oh, and I turn 26 next week. :confused:

I fell in infatuation with the Titanic when I first heard about it in a scholastic book magazine for kids when I was in the third grade in the fall of 1997 (before the movie came out I would like to add :p)... Following this it has become a lifelong obsession and I think from time to time family and friends have worried about my sanity over this subject throughout the years. ;) Even when I was ten I would sit in libraries or more often bookstores in the mall reading everything and anything I could about it. I was poor then and wasn't able to just buy the books. *Shudder* ...But I was a child then and I guess kids don't really care how ridiculous they may look in a public setting. :p By the time I was 14, I already memorized the so called "who escaped in which boat?" but even now I can attest that remains quite up for debate, even to this day. In the past five years or so my interest has shifted into the interiors of the ship, memorizing the entire layout of the deck plans as well as cabin allocations, and more into the biographies of those who sailed. I am very spiritual and have sometimes wondered if this obsession goes further beyond than even I am capable of realizing? As I'm sure others here may have wondered.

I look forward to posting here! Also hope that the board can pick up again in popularity like it was in the first decade of the forums existence. I am a long time lurker here and have posted briefly in 2008/2009 but as I was involved in University/work/and a long term relationship my priorities were all over the place. Now that I am graduated I look forward to researching more about my favorite topic OPENLY with people who won't shoot me dirty looks or glances. :p