Nov 5, 2015
Asheviile NC
I am new to this forum, but not new with my fascination of the Titanic.
After seeing "A Night to Remember" some 50+ years ago, I have researched her a fair amount, and was thrilled when her wreck was discovered. I look forward to sharing my opinions, and hearing others, too.

I am currently finishing up the Minicraft 1/350 scale model, and I have my sights set on the Mantua 1/200 scale kit. I am no stranger to 'plank on frame' construction, and it looks like a beauty! I only need to find a place to display her when she's done, as the Mantua kit is close to four and a half feet long.......

I don't believe in the conspiracy garbage.
I don't believe the ship was poorly made or that she was poorly designed.
I don't believe the materials were substandard.
I don't fault Smith...or Ismay.

The lists of "what If's" go one forever......as do the "if Only's"......

The fact is, it was a series of unfortunate events culminating in a great tragedy.

To me, the only "mysteries" of the Titanic were 1. where was the wreck?....and 2. did she break in two?
Ballard and the French team solved those back in '86.

My questions are rather trivial, and of curiosity.

I am of the opinion that the wreck site should be treated as an archaeological site, and should be explored with respect. I feel that bringing artifacts up is a good thing, and will help the world remember her, as surely the sea will devour what is left of her in due time.

Well , so much for my 2 cents! Thanks for being here!