Help For My New Book

Nov 11, 2005
Hello, i am making an appeal for information and photographs regarding these passengers:

the Van Impe family
the Boulos (Bulus)family
the Hirvonen family
the Baclini (Ba qlini) family
the Olsen family
the Peter-Joseph (Boutrus-Yusif) family
the Skoog family
the Van Billiard family
the Klasen family,
the Hämäläinen family
and Virginia Ethel Emanuel

I am currently writing a book about the Titanic, and am basing certain chapters on the above passengers.
Any help would be credited and i would be very grateful.

Hildur Panula-Heinonen

Holly Peterson

My gosh, it's been such a long time since I was on these threads, but I thought I'd pop by for a visit, and saw that you needed help on this book of yours, so here's the best I can do:

For the Hirvonens, this article on Eino Lindquist has a bit of info on Helga and Hildur during the sinking:

For the Skoogs, Van Billiards and Peter-Josephs, read Judith Geller's "Women and Children First." There's a tiny bit about Virginia Emanuel in the Amy Stanley section of the book, too.

For the Hamalainens, read Cris Kohl's "Titanic: the Great Lakes Connection." has a tiny bit of info on the Olsens. In addition, the 1912 book "The Sinking of the Titainc" has quite a bit of young Artur describing his ordeal on the ship. I know 1912 books aren't always the best resources, but it's the most information about Olsen that you can find on the net. You can find it here:

If any of the links don't work, just type in the passenger's name on Google followed by the word 'Titanic' and you should be able to find it pretty quickly.

Sorry that I can't help you on any of the other families. Hope this helps, and good luck on your book!
Nov 11, 2005
Hello Holly!

Thank you very much for those links, a few i have already, but some i do not and were very helpful.
I have just started to collect information on the particular passengers and wow, it is much more difficult finding information on passengers that people tended to ignore.
I have made many breakthrough discoveries about some and i am amazed at what i have found.


I can't believe that until now the "Titanic" is still remembered and it will always be remembered. I've watched that movie and I can't help myself but cry.
Same with Hildur Panula-Heinonen. I also want to see these passengers of any photograph or etc.personal outsourcing

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