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Here are some ideas from teachers that have used Encyclopedia Titanica in lessons and projects.
I teach a history-related unit to my Year 4 or Year 5 students. The students absolutely love learning about the Titanic and that era in time.

They have to create a presentation which explains the context for their chosen person, this can be as diverse as a coal stoker, band musician, Captain Smith, JJ Astor or Molly Brown. They are free to express their learning in any way they want and have to talk for 3 minutes.

I have had some amazing work from students including diaries, newspaper articles, videos, models of cabins, ship models, meals prepared from the menu in both 3rd and 1st class, powerpoints, board games, the list goes on!

My students really enjoyed access to the Encyclopaedia Titanica site.

Each student was allocated an historical character who boarded the Titanic. They were required to research that individual discovering their background, reasons for being on the Titanic, their likely experiences - depending on class and gender, both prior and after the iceberg.

Next step. Students were to create groups based on crew, 1st, 2nd & 3rd class. Within these groups they discussed common experiences, differences and chatted about their characters. Additional collaborative research was undertaken based on the questions they raised.

Next step. New groups formed. Each group needed a person who was crew, 1st, 2nd & 3rd class. Together they introduced themselves in character and compared life stories.The students enjoyed the research, plus many researched further to understand the full experience.

They also watched James Cameron's Titanic and a documentary Titanic: The New Evidence. We had lively debates on who was culpable.

Thank you for the students opportunity to use the site. They were very engaged in this unit on Titanic and were able to reflect on how the boat and the film reflected the Edwardian era.
Find out more about how your school can use ET here.


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