Help Funnel #4 is collapsing this may be OT for this catagory but I need help on this perhaps someo

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Beckey Payne

I have a lovely model of Titanic, given to me as a door prize at "Evening With Titanic" a few years ago by the Willards. It has held a place of honor on the shelving in our living room, but it has recently come to my attention that Funnel #4 has come loose from the rest of the ship and now has a nasty lean. The model is mostly painted wood, and I'm not sure how to go about fixing this. I'm a crafty sort, but only on the homemaker/mommy type things and I don't think a glue gun or gluestick is quite the way to go with this. Any suggestions from the experienced model makers out there?
a little dab'll do ya of model glue or krazy glue just a tiny little drop on the centre of the funnel (assuming it's solid) or just a very minute amount around the edge (if it's not solid) remember less is more. If it squirts out a bit wipe it up immediately with a rag or a kleenex
Ladies, make sure you don't do a "whitfield" and use super glue. It's not particularily nice sitting in the A & E Dept of the local hospital with a model Titanic glued to your hands - you get some very odd looks!

And now, tonight's Top Twelve (English Standard of course), List of comments about Geoff while he sat in the hospital waiting room:

1. Is that a funnel in your pocket?
Or are you just glad to sea me?

2. All you need now is an ice cube glued to your other hand, and you can re-enact the disaster again and again.

3. I bet those funnels make great back scratchers.

4. Titanic: Practically unsinkable. She can float with up to 4 of her compartments flooded, and Geoff Whitfield glued to her hull.

5. Q: Why does Goeff have red, paint on his cheek?
A: He had to sneeze.

6. Greatest Hits of Geoff Whitfield and his Titanic pan flute.

7. Overheard from the nurses: (I bet Roy Mengot never had this trouble.)

8. Also overheard from the nurses: (Just like that poor Phil Hind last year. Only wasn't it stuck somewhere else???)

9. Little known fact about Titanic models:
If you drill a tiny hole in the stern, they make excellent pipes. With three working funnels.

10. Dr. Dawson:
"I'm sorry Mr. Whitfield, I'm afraid we'll have to amputate."

"Oh dear! Well, how bad will it be??"

Dr. Dawson:
"The procedure will leave a 300 foot gash along your starboard side."

11. Overheard from the arresting officer:
"The sign said, 'DO NOT TOUCH THE EXHIBITS' didn't it Mr. Whitfield? Didn't it!"

And finally:

12. Q: How do you remove the Titanic from Geoff's fingers?
A: With a couple of TUG boats.


Sorry Geoff! I couldn't resist.
Hi Yuri, Thank goodness it was only the Titanic I had to be separated from, a friend in A & E tells me that he has seen some much stranger things stuck to people's anatomy! Makes one shudder to think doesn't it! And as for the 300 foot gash - that's my appendix scar!
How are things in lovely North Carolina these days? It's eight months since we were there and missing you all dreadfully!

Yes I can hardly believe that its only been 8 months since we were all together at Phil's house. It seems much longer than that.
It was a real pleasure to finally meet you in person Geoff; and everyone else too. I hope we can all gather again soon and have another wonderful time.

Yuri, The only downside to the trip was Behe! Since I mentioned in my post that he conned his fare home out of me I have been contacted by several others who attended and they all tell the same story! Don't tell me you fell for it too Yuri?

So, *that's* why Behe was able to fly home in a private jet! How many of you did he con for fare home?

No wonder he wanted to be one of the last to leave town!

Then there was the other contender to be last to leave, when her alarm clock 'conveniently' didn't go off!
Hi Bill, That just has to be Colleen? Don't tell me that she and Behe were in it together! A sort of modern day Bonnie & Clyde! only this time "Bad Boy" Behe and "Crooked" Colleen. What's the World coming to when so sweet and demure a maiden (I don't mean Behe!) can take in a couple of worldly guys such as us two?

No, Geoff, I don't think Colleen and George were in anything together. Just two people with the same twisted, despicable plans!

But I kept 'em on the straight and narrow. And *I* was the last one outta town!
So, when is the next get-together at Phil's house so I can plot to get time off? I'd like to get one visit in before I head west to Oregon.

Alexander John Cooley

With all of that being said. I have once had my right hand fist super glued in that position and so I had placed it in cold water to relive the heat that was emitting from my hands inner core and the next thing that I knew was that my hand was loosened. I was just a little kid back then and that is when I have found out that cold water especially ice cold water can break you free.
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