Help I am desperate Info needed on Reginald Harry Rogers


lien tran

I desperately need info on a second class passenger named Reginald Harry Rogers for a book report. So far I have been able to find only one website with limited info on Mr. Rogers. If anyone could show me how to get the below info, I'd really, really appreciate it:
1) How did he reach the, train, etc?
2) What time did he board?
3) How did he feel... excited, nervous, scared?
4) Who, if anyone, was there to say "bon voyage!"
5) What did he see, hear, smell?
6) What did he say to others around him?
7) Where was his cabin? Describe it.
8) Where was him when ship set sail?
9) What happened between the Titanic and another ship that almost ended the trip immediately?
10)Did he see the captain? What did he think about the captain?
11) What was he wearing?
12) What did he have for luncheon?
13) What did he have for dinner?
14) What did he wear for the evening meal?
15) What time did he retire for the evening (go to sleep)?

Thank you in advance
Hi Lien

Have you checked his biography on this site?
Go to the home page and look it up under "passenger Biographies".

Simple as that!



lien tran

I did, but I did not find the answers to the questions that I listed in my original message. I'm hoping that there are other sites that give more detailed info than what is listed there. I am not good at searching. Any help would be appreciated!