Help me date this Painting of the Titanic

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Alex McLean

I'm not actually sure that is a painting. It looks more like a gemstone mosaic (take a look at the green in the water and the sparkle off the superstructure.) Did you take this photo yourself or see it in person? Do you know what medium it is?
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PS. Incidently, you have to same name as my old English teacher in Australia, which is what brought me to this thread. Amazing where familiar names pop up, eh?
Fred, I believe you already asked about this painting in another thread, and told us it's on glass? I'd say it was made either very soon after the sinking in 1912, when there was a big demand for images of this subject and work in this medium was fashionable, or it's a recent attempt to cash in on the renewed demand for all things Titanic-related. Here's a link to a glass painting of the sinking of the Lusitania, done in identical style and quite possibly from the same source. According to the seller it's dated May 7 1915, but that's the date of the sinking, not the painting:

Taner Tanriover

"Would anyone know why this painting of the Titanic, was painted sinking stern first."

Talk about historical accuracy huh!

I would know, actually.
a) the painter didn't know better
b) s/he wanted to capture and convey the emotion!
Fred- this inaccurate rendering crops up everywhere. I have the identical oil on glass painting (reverse painting on glass) in my Boatroom. Why? Well, many folks (amateur home artists) had the sheet music, "The Wreck of the Titanic" and using that as inspiration, copied the sketch on the cover. Also, the red-topped funnels are constantly seen- even as late as 1970's on a board game called The Sinking of the Titanic. Most people know little about ships, and care even less about accuracy.
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