Help Requested with ThirdClass Areas


Holly Peterson

As some of you may know, I am currently in the process of writing a story about third-class travel on the Titanic. As the layout and interior design of the ship has never been my forte, I would greatly appreciate any help with these few questions.

First of all, I need to figure out an area where the main characters' third-class cabin should be. As their family consists of a father and two children, a girl aged 12 and a boy aged 10, I doubt that they would be separated by gender, as many large families were (please correct me if I'm wrong.) Here are the requirements for the whereabouts of the cabin:

- I'd like it to be on a lower deck so the hallway would become flooded later during the storyline.
- It absolutely HAS to be in an area where the collision would awake the passengers inside
- It must be in an area where the passengers were told to go back to bed by the stewards/crewmen, but later took matters into their own hands and began leaving their cabins
- I would like it if it was somewhere near the Sandstrom's cabin, G-6

When the passengers begin to head for the higher decks, the girl in my story follows them and winds up in the public room on C-deck. There she meets the Goodwin family, as well as her brother who has come from the poop deck with the urgent news that something is awfully wrong, having heard rumors of a collision, seen pieces of ice on the deck, and gone down to their cabin to find water in the hallway. The two children begin to journey up to the boat deck, where they emerge near lifeboat 14 which is about to be lowered.

I am wondering which route they should take up to the lifeboats. Does anyone know which rooms they would go through to get from the third class public room to Lifeboat 14? I was really hoping that they would encounter some obstacles in order to add a sense of urgency to the already ominous situation, such as a locked gate like the one Margaret Devaney & co. climbed over, or a ladder they'd have to climb up. Bear in mind that the route they take has to get them there by at least 1:30. Thanks in advance for any help!