Help with value please

Can anyone help with the value on part of my collection please?
First is a book, 'Loss of the SS Titanic. Court of Enquiry. Report, Evidence and Conclusion.' This is a copy of the original 1912 court of enquiry, bound in hardcover and in a hard sleeve/case. Only 300 were produced, and it is signed by Millvina Dean.
Second is a complete set of Stuart Crystal White Star Line Crystal. This includes a limited edition Fruit bowl & Captains Hoggit. A decanter, 2 brandy, 2 small wine, 2 large wine, 2 champagne, 2 whiskey and 2 high ball glasses.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I also have another book which I believe to be quite rare. '1912 - 1992 80th Anniversary of the Sinking Of RMS Titanic. A Tribute to the Engineering Staff' This is also signed. It looks like S S Connly OBE. The surname definately starts CO and ends in a Y.

Hello Rich, the term "value" is a relative term. Monetarily, it all depends upon how much someone is willing to pay for what you have, or what price is mutually agreed upon between a seller and a buyer.

Sorry if that doesn't sound too helpful, but it's the truth.

Nice collection!
You are right on both accounts!!
I'm more interested from a insurance and rarity point of view to be honest.
I have never heard of a full set of the crystal. Especially as the Stuart Crystal guy told me they never made all of the 1912 limited edition pieces.
It would also be really interesting to know who the SS Connly is.
"SS Connly"

The only Titanic survivor on record whose surname began with a "Co" and ended with a "y" was a Miss Katherine "Kate" Connolly 22, from Bank Place, Co Tipperary. Boarded the Titanic at Queenstown as a third class passenger (ticket number 370373, £7 15s). Her destination has not been ascertained. (I was thinking that this SS Coly might be a survivor)

So one can only assume that this person assisted in the publication or owned it at one time. I didn't find any info about the book except on a german language site.

It's at the bottom of that site here:

I tried to find the books you mentioned on the web but had no luck. Are these the actual titles? If you could also provide the author and or editor's names and the year that they were published it would be a big help. If you prefer you can search them out yourself at the sites that i look at: and are the two that I use.
The first is a site about Titanic books that I find invaluable in determining if a book is worth buying and how scarce it really is. the second site is a site that you can buy books from. I search for a title to see what the range in prices is for it. This site searches several sites that deal in used books as well as ebay listings i believe. I often see a full spectrum of prices from the great deal that seems too good to be true to the ridiculously high so this is by no means a sure way to determine the value of a book but it gives you an idea of where to start. Like Jason said a book is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.

As for the crystal set, i have no ideas there, sorry
>>I tried to find the books you mentioned on the web but had no luck. Are these the actual titles?<<

Looks to me like they are. I have a copy of the report of the court but it's actually quite common. I've seen plenty of copies at Barnes And Noble. The autographed edition may well have been a limited collectors version.