Henri Marie Jaillet

Sara Jane,
Here is my printout on Mr. Jaillet - not much but it might help.
Cheers Brian
Jaillet, Henri Marie. Lived in Jamison Street, London. Occupation - Pastry Cook. (Ritz Restaurant). 37 years old. (Born in France).
Born at Lyon, France on the 26th October 1891.

(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 477. Jaillet, Henry Mari Victor child. Janin, Landre, mother. Jaillet, Margaret, widow. Jaillet, Frederick Ernest child. Hutton, Sarah, grandmother. All class B dependants.

Body number 277. Estimated age 35. Very dark hair
and moustache.
Clothing:- Checked trousers, blue coat and vest, dark overcoat, blue and white striped pyjamas, brown boots. ''H.J.'' on pyjamas. Effects:- 3s 10d in purse, knife, a card with ''H. Jaillet (Chef). Interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Hi I'm trying to trace my family tree. My great grandfather was Henri Jaillet [pastry chef].I am looking for any information on him that will help. In particular where he was born and his wifes name. Also where he was working and living before taking the posting on the Titanic.Thanks Raelene
Hallo, Raelene. According to Henri's biographical entry on this site, he was married to Margaret and their two children were Henri and Frederick. Margaret's mother Sarah Hutton also lived with the family. The address which Henri gave when he signed on for the voyage was 4, Queens Park Terrace, London. But the US Senate Inquiry had another address listed - Jamison Street, Notting Hill Gate, London. Before Titanic, Henri worked aboard another ill-fated liner, the Lusitania. He was born in France, at Lyon.

If you look in the archived sections of the guestbook (top of this page) and find the posts for 14 December 2004, there is an inquiry from another great grand-daughter, Sarah Jane Stockton.
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