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I am a descendant of Henry Allen (not to be confused with William Henry Allen, a 3rd class passenger). I have managed to piece together some of his story and that of his widow and 7 orphaned children. I was also lucky enough to be able to visit his grave in Halifax last week....possibly the first family member to visit him in 100 years. Poor sod!

I know he was a stoker, but don't know which boiler room he was in, and hence don't know how it was he made it to the deck and then into the water. He had 3 pairs of trousers on, which suggests he had an inkling he would end up in the cold water. He had ID on him. He was picked up by the Mackay-Bennett on the 3rd day of their search, by which time they did not have enough canvas to bury him at sea. When they did get more canvas, I'm guessing that lowly stoker Henry didn't get buried at sea because 1) he had been identified; 2) possibly he was in good condition (relatively speaking).

My questions are:
is there a list anywhere of which boiler rooms each stoker and trimmer worked in? Henry's brother-in-law Robert Reid was a trimmer, whose body was not recovered. Any information on him?

I have never been able to trace Henry's widow (Robert's sister), Cecilia or any of the 7 children. They appear on the Relief Fund register. They lived in French Street, Southampton. Does anyone know anything of Cecilia or the 7 Allen children or any direct descendants. My granny (Henry's cousin's daughter), who grew up in the same Southampton slums, thought they had emigrated to the US, with financial support from rich American survivors. I have not seen any such stories for other widows. Has anyone else?

Thanks in advance.
Howard Kallender.
Dear Howard,

Just making contact, I am the great grandson of Henry Allen, my grandmother was Clara Elizabeth, I found your artical via Canada AM after attending the Titanic 100 commemoration held in Southampton last Tuesday

It would be good to exchange email address.

I can be contact at [email protected]

Yours, Roy A Martin
Yes Howard -- that side of the Allen's were on the Relief Fund. As for the seven children they were never orphaned. I am not sure if any of the children decided to leave Britain and settle in the U.S, as that claim is a new one on me. I am in contact with one of the family and she is looking to link up with all descendants of the Allen's and that would also apply to you Roy, if you are interested.

Cecilia actually remarried in 1914, but the seven children remained on the Relief Fund until they reached the rightful age of 16 for he boy's and 18 for the girls. Before the removal of their names they were offered the chance of having their own apprenticeships paid for by the Relief Fund. I haven't managed to checked the records to see if Cecilia became a widow for the second round. If she became a widow again, then by 1939 the London Mansion House had a chance of heart as they would rewrite the rules to allow her and many other's the offering of re-admitting on the Fund and receive a weekly allownace.

I hope this answer's some of your questions to the above.
Hi Andrew, thank you for your feedback, i would be interested in making contact regarding Henry and Cecillia`s descendants. My email address is [email protected]

I note that you are in Romsey Hampshire, so am i !!

The Allen descendants are looking to track down photos of Henry and Cecillia, can anyone help ??

BR Roy
Hey! Henry Allen is my great, great, great grandfather! I’d love to get in touch as well!
We’re all based in Southampton as well!
My email is: [email protected]
Hello everyone, I am also a decendant of Henry Allen he is my Great Great Grandfather
His grave is marked with a blue stick at Southampton Old Cemetery section D184 on Edwards Gravestone it mentions beloved brother Henry who died on the titanic and married to C.Allen being Cecelia Reid.
My tree from him goes...
Henry Allen 1881-1912
Charles Edward 1906-1965
Anthony Allen 1939-2004
Tracy Allen (married Adams) 1961-2021
Simone Adams - 1994

My email is [email protected] I'd love to hear more details about our connection

Kind regards,

Simone xx