Henry Dennis Witt


Tracy Coat Dunne

Hello, I am new to this Forum and hoping to get some help with researching the above man. I have been tracing the ancestry of one of my daughter-in-laws. She is descended from Daisy Gertrude Martha/Marsha WITT and Henry Den(n)is WITT was Daisy's older brother.

Two or three years ago I discovered in the Titanic Relief Fund Minute book, that a "Mrs. Fielder" made a claim from the fund and told them she was a dependant sister of Harry Witt. I have been tracing this family group for a couple of years now, but have failed to find this mysterious "sister". I pretty soon came to the conclusion that she may have been living with Harry as his wife, but because of the social opinions of that era, did not feel able to disclose this fact.

Is there anyone who could prove or disprove my theory, or who may have more info regarding this lady and her claim for relief please? I have so far not been able to establish a forename for this lady and she does not appear at Harry's address of Lower College Street in the 1911 census, so I am now stumped as far as she is concerned :confused:

Any help or info would be gratefully received. Thank you!



Hello Tracy - and welcome to the message board,

Six entries are found in the Minute Books at Southampton Archives and her name allegedly is Mary Ann Fielder - Sister under C272.

This woman has had me baffled for years as I cannot find her anywhere on the Census let alone a registration for her death.
Some one out there knows the whole secret of this woman's identity and pass history. Perhaps one day we will know.

Other than that Tracy, your guesses are as good as mine!