Henry Reginald Lee (F. Martin)

If you go to the Passenger list section, just take note of any of the names in italics. Those are all the survivors and all the survivors were picked up by the Carpathia.

Perhaps David Haisman can speak to what seamen were required to read and know but I don't know of any formal training courses for seamen in the merchent marine. My understanding is that somebody would sign on as an Ordinary Seaman (Little more then a glorified deck swabber and brightwork polisher) and the rest of the training was On The Job.

Don't take that as Gospel as I may be dead wrong about that. Things were changing at the turn of the century so there may well have been formal training available.
Hi Matthew,

A big thank you for confirming the above.

Don't get me wrong but am I right to assume that you haven't done any background history on your family as yet?

One never knows what secrets are hiding with the Census.


P. S. Mike - not so sure whether I should've posted this message after your recommendations. Whether you wish to transfer this addition to Matthew's newly appointed post under Crew research, remains entirely up to you.

Yes Andrew you are quite right with regards my lack of family research and that is my next port of call, to look at the census to find out his family members names and addresses. I believe H R Lee had a brother and that a distant relative called Arthur had done some research into H R Lee and that he may have some knowledge of the change of names. It is strange that my mother recalls that on every anniversary of the sinking up to the 1965 when he died that Cunnard sent a car for him for the survivors reunion, if this is the case by what name was he known to them and would Cunnard be able to provide more details ??
>>Whether you wish to transfer this addition to Matthew's newly appointed post under Crew research, remains entirely up to you.<<

Done. Have fun with this. Can't say that genealogy's my bag.
Mike - greatly appreciated and thanks.

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I was going ask you another question but as you have introduce another name (Arthur) were there anymore brothers and sisters you know of?

Late last night, I did check the 1891 British Census and found nothing for H.R.L under the Isle of Wight. There's an H.R.L born in Berkshire but his birth year isn't listed as 1883.

Hope this helps.

Hi Andrew thanks for that but I have looked at the 1901 census and found an HRL 18yrs born Portsea hants which is next to the Isle of wight and note his mother was called Louisa (father not mentioned) and he had two brothers and a sister, one brother was called George which my mother thought was the name of one of his brothers she mentioned before I looked at he census so it is a possibility that this is the family line I am looking for and that Arthur is related to one of the Brothers how could I find out more
Michael is correct about the lack of training for seamen as of 1912.

The rank of Able Seaman was obtained by three years of satisfactory service and an Ordinary Seamen.

Crewmembers of all kinds carried a little book called a Continuous Certificate of Discharge. This listed all their voyages.
Thank you Dave that is very useful information where can I find details of the ships of the white star line and of any sailings around the time of the Titanic with crew lists
Matthew, crew lists do exist in various archives but I'm no expert. There are many gaps in the records.

Our resident expert is Inger Sheil, but she's wandering the world at present. Let's hope she drops in.

The dates of sailings are a bit easier. They are common in contemporary newspapers. The ones most readily available on microfilm are The New York Times and The Times. Major libraries often have these.
Let sleeping dogs lie I wish i hadn't started this enquiry as many of my family are adamant and they have their theories but it has got me to me now, I am trying to be as objective as possible. In the photo of Reginald Robinson Lee he is wearing the uniform of a paymaster if so when was it taken and what rank is he if it is a rank? also are there any photos of the crew and of the titanic crew in the the follow up enquiry etc.
Matthew, there is a photo of Reginald Lee on page 220 of The Titanic Disaster, a compilation of newspaper articles assembled by Dave Bryceson. The same book has many photos of crewmembers. Many others are in Titanic Voices.
Thanks Dave I think I have that book but left it in a property of mine in Spain but my wife is bringing it back on Friday, is this the same photo that was taken in the Daily Sketch at the enquiry. I am also obtaining some photos of HRL but I believe these have been taken later in his life and I am trying to contact the son of HRL's youngest daughter who coincidentally also emigrated to Oz who may have some further info
I don't think paymaster is a rank and he certainly wouldn't have been considered to be an officer unless he was in military service and held a commission at an officer's rank. I'm not aware of any point in Lee's career where he served in that capacity though some crew researchers may know otherwise.
If all the surivors were picked up by the Carpathia did they all eventually reach this ship by lifeboat or were any picked up on floating debris direct?. Did the Carpathia launch any of its lifeboats to search for survivors. Is the life boat survivors list comprehensive or is there also a miscellaneous list