Henry Steinbrenner

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Chris Dohany

Dec 12, 1999
Today marks the 51st anniversary of one of the lesser known Great Lakes wrecks, the ore carrier SS Henry Steinbrenner. At around 0730, May 11, 1953, the Steinbrenner went down off Isle Royale in Lake Superior after stormy weather dislodged three of her aft hatch covers allowing water to pour into her hold. Within four hours of the sinking, three nearby ore carriers had arrived on scene and fourteen of the Steinbrenner's thirty-one-man crew were rescued — seventeen men were lost.

Robert J. Allen, St. Louis, Missouri; porter
Howard W. Chamberlain, Buffalo, NY; coal passer
Harry R. Drinkwitz, Duluth, Minn.; 1st asst engineer (missing)
Earl M. Hemmingson, Duluth, Minn.; wheelsman
Andrew Kraft, Alpena, Mich.; 1st Mate
Paul LeRoux, Toledo, Ohio; steward (missing)
Paul T. Mattson, Aurora, Minn.; 2nd asst engineer (missing)
William J. Monahan, Pearsall, Texas; coal passer
Arthur L. Morse, Michigan City, Ind.; 3rd asst engineer
Harold O. Race, Jefferson, Ohio; chief engineer (missing)
Kenneth H. Reynolds, South Range, Wis.; fireman
Calvin E. Swartz, Conneaut, Ohio; fireman (missing)
George H. Thom, Brockway, Penn.; 2nd mate (missing)
Leo W. Thomas, Duluth, Minn.; wheelsman
Frank Tomczak, Buffalo, NY; oiler
George W. Wiseman, South Range, Wis.; 3rd mate (missing)
Jack Wolfe, East Liverpool, Ohio; fireman

http://www.uscg.mil/hq/g-m/moa/boards/hensteinbrenner.pdf (Coast Guard Report, PDF format)
http://www.pasty.com/~barbspage/steinbrenner.html ("The Steinbrenner Rescue Mission")
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