Henry Sutehall


Jul 23, 2021
Bainbridge Island WA
The biography on Henry Sutehall states that his father was a plasterer who worked on some of Buffalo New York's finest buildings. One of such buildings was stated as being a cathedral on Delaware Street. That building was actually a Jewish Temple located at 599 Delaware Avenue. It burned down in 1961.

Arun Vajpey

Jul 8, 1999
Henry Sutehall's story is quite interesting and poignant. While still in his early 20s, Sutehall and his friend Howard Irwin reportedly did a working tour all over the United States to earm money for a world tour. They are believed to have earned extra through their musical talent and that and some sweepstakes money that Henry Sutehall won helped to fund that tour. They ended up in Australia where Henry met and became engaged to a young woman. Sutehall and Irwin then parted for a few months touring on their own but meeting occasionally in other paces like South Africa before they both returned to England in early 1912 within a week of each other.

A few weeks after returning to England, Henry Sutehall boarded the Titanic, bound for Buffalo, New York, where his parents and siblings were living at the time. Sadly, he died in the sinking and his body was never found.