Henry Tingle Wilde


Cristina Sasse

Well, Henry Wilde is not so well known. But I think, he's of course on the greatest heroes. I don't think, he shot himself.
And:If somebody of you knows something detailed about him: Please send it do me ( CristinaSasse@aol.com )
Crissy ;))

Inger Sheil

Hallo Cristina -

The next update to our 'On Watch' website will be a biographical piece on Henry Wilde.

Walter Lord characterised Wilde as 'the enigma of the night' and some writers have extended this to cover his entire life, but this seems to owe more to a lack of work on the part of researchers than a dearth of material on this individual.

The indications are that he was quite a remarkable professional mariner. Personal details are gradually emerging as well.


Dear Inger,

I am sure you have shared the address for
your "On Watch" website, but perhaps you would
do so again. I, for one, would be very inter-
ested in your thoughts on the offivers.



Inger Sheil

Here you go, Brian:


Still under heavy construction, but the Moody and Phillips bios are done, there's material on the Sources page and FAQs and we're preparing to add more v. soon. Boxhall is following hard on the heels of Wilde, and I know Jemma has a lot she's progressing with as well.

All the best,


Inger Sheil

Odd you should mention Pitman, Tracy - I was doing some work on his RNR records in the archives today!

Jemma and I have focussed on Pitman of late, and have made quite a few v. decent inroads. We just want to follow these through before we do a write up on him.

Ian Bland

Hi Inger

The Pitman research needs to be done. He comes out of the simplistic versions of that night as a coward, but I'm not sure. It seems such a shame that the reputation of a man can be determined by such 'thin' evidence. I, for one, think that his reputation is worth salvaging based only on his fashion sense and that fantastic floppy cap that he wore.

Inger Sheil

Hallo there, Ian -

I completely agree with you about some of the simplistic, reductive assessments about Pitman that are circulating.

Jemma has gone in boots and all into his background, with the odd bit of input from me. We've spent a couple of days this week on it (although most of my work over our last few expeditions has been on tidying up certain more mysterious elements in Lowe's family tree). It'll be more Pitman for us tomorrow, looks like - trying to jam as much in before the Christmas hiatus.

Fashion sense, eh? I've often wondered if he got the idea for that pinstripe suit from James Moody, who also managed to get photographed in one (tongue firmly in cheek!).

More seriously, from what I can see it looks like Pitman's transfer to the Purser's office came fairly soon after the Titanic disaster...pre WWI, certainly. I'd like to know whether his supposedly poor eyesight was the sole reason.

Jemma Hyder

Aw, must admit that it took some motivation to start work on him but am getting rather fond of a shrinking Herbert Pitman and his pinstripes lol!