Herbert 'Bertie' Wilson

Herbert 'Bertie' Edward Wilson was born on June 2nd 1884. His half-sister, Frances Amy Mercer, my grandmother, always known as Amy, was born on 10th Dec. 1874 (not 1875) in Bootle and died in Nov. 1953 in Birkenhead. His brother, known as Stanley, was b. on 9th Dec.1886 (not 1887). Bertie & Mabel were married on 7th Jan. 1908 at St Thomas Catholic Church, Seaforth. Mabel is buried at Ford RC Cemetery, Liverpool.
Extra information. Mary Ainsworth was born on Oct. 28th 1848. Her death on 3rd July 1913 followed a stroke on the first anniversary of the Titanic disaster.
My husband is a police officer for Claremont PD, California USA. He just met Mr. Wilson's step-niece/nephew. They shared so much of their history to him. My husband did not want to leave!! My husband's family is from Scotland, they pointed it out straight away, by his last name. Hardly anyone these days can link surnames to the country they are from. We have loads of information and his coat of arms in our home. It was nice to meet someone who actually knows where your background
I’m a great-nephew of Bertie Wilson, his wife being a younger sister of my paternal grandfather.

As a keen family historian, I’ve been collecting information about Bertie for some years, and am now hopeful of making contact with any of his relatives in the Wilson and Mercer families - in particular, Laura Hillman who posted the two messages above. Can anyone please help?