Herbert McElroy

mary mason

Aug 24, 2003
i was looking on a website, about descendants of titanic passengers and crew, i cam accross this photo: http://www.enchantedcastles.net/titanic/titan2.jpg

the man on the left, is said to be herbert, and then next to him, his wife the little girl is unknown, then his siter and mother. the people on the right of the photo are unknown also.
i was wondering if anyone can tell me if this really is him and his family, and if anyone would know who the other people are?
ps, is his name Herbert or Hugh?

Frank McElroy

Dec 31, 2003
Hi Mary,
The original photo was found in a local junk shop. In Texas, it was discovered while flipping through "An Illustrated History of Titanic" by a friend of mine who bought the photo and researched it for 6 months before turning it over to the Orlando Titanic Museum in the US. Where it is to this day.
The shot was taken on the cross-channel steamer "Paris" in about 1910. The girl on the far right of the picture is Marie Vanderbilt. (She's the one wearing a WSL officer's cap (which is probably from the fellow who took the pic.) and the two men next to her are part of the Vanderbilt entourage.
The place where the photo came from originally had a lot of stuff from the estate of Neil Vanderbilt (The "fifth".), the Godson of J.P. Morgan. The other officer standing with Hugh is Chief Engineer Bell. The lady standing behind Hugh’s little niece is my Grandmother Mary McElroy, Hugh’s sister, and Greatgran Jessie is on the end.
The Lady next to Hugh is ??? it’s not Barbara his wife, I’m still checking her against pictures of Grans sister Charlotte, it could be her.
If you would like to know more about Hugh, visit our family page on him
or “The Irish Aboard Titanic” by Senan Molony? It has a lot of information on Hugh and a stunning, full-page picture taken of him and his family.
Happy New Year for 2004
Frank McElroy

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