Hey, TitanicNerd Here!

So, I am a TitanicNerd and as my name implies, am I a greatly interested in Titanic. I spend all day studying and studying about new things about Titanic, and most of the time I find out more about things I already know! I call my Titanic addiction TCD, which stands for Titanic Compulsive Disorder (See what I did there?) On the forums, I am kinda a fool and post things in the wrong spot, but I learn all sorts of new things on here from you amazing people! When I was a kid, about 7, my Titanic addiction started. I wasn't a normal kid, that was for sure. Why? Not because I was awkward or lame or anything, it was just that I had one huge problem. I had TCD. I went to school, and just couldn't stop thinking about 1 thing: Titanic. When did this happen? How did this happen? Is this info true? I had no one to talk to, because no one was interested in the Titanic like I was, but I didn't mind. I just cared about Titanic. Now, as a wee lad, I hadn't heard of "exhibits", in fact I didn't even go to one yet. One day, my parents told me they were taking me to special place. I was all exited, but since I never knew about exhibits, so I was thinking it was gonna to be a huge party or a new toy or something. When we walked into the Luxor Hotel, I was sorta confused. I was confused until I saw the sign... TITANIC: THE ARTIFACT EXHIBIT. I started freaking out. I was like "OMG WHAT THE HECK THIS EXISTS? YAY! TIIIITTANNNIC!" After the exhibit, I was even more interested in the Titanic. But as a kid, I didn't care about the rooms or really small details, I was just really basic. I mean, I was 7. Eventually, at around 8, I lost interest. Then, at my current age which you will never know, THE LEGEND RETURNED. I moved at this age, and luckily there was a Titanic Exhibit 30 minutes away from us. One day, I was browsing the internet when suddenly I got bored and looked up "Titanic Games." Then, I got interested again, but this time even more. I started to want to know about EVERYTHING I COULD. I wanted to know the decks, how the boilers worked, where and what the cafes and restaurants where like, how it sank, etc. I also got into little details. Like, when the funnels broke, where she split, how she split, the size of the funnels, how the ship moved, etc. I had a severe case of TCD. On the same day, I went to new Titanic Exhibit. It was even better, and I loved the Titanic officially. I made my own T-Shirt, made a account, become well known at the exhibit, etc. I never get bored of the exhibits. In fact, my family thinks I am a freak for going so much. Which leads us to now. That basically wraps me up, and may you all have clear sailing, for all the years to come!