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Sep 2, 2020
Hi there - I'm a 23-year-old woman from San Diego, CA, and I recently found Encyclopedia Titanica through Titanic content on YouTube. I've been sailing since I could walk and have been fascinated with Titanic's story since the age of 9. During this time of quarantine I have found myself consuming lots of content related to Titanic, her sisters, and other maritime disasters like Atlantic, Lusitania, Estonia, and Edmund Fitzgerald. I am searching for fellow Titanic enthusiasts as I have no friends as fascinated with her story as I am. I'm a huge history lover specializing in Tudor England and American history (I am a Mayflower descendant, a Daughter of the American Revolution, and the great-great-great-great granddaughter of a Union soldier!) I am also active on Discord, so if anyone knows of Titanic or maritime history Discord servers I would love to join. Thank you, to anyone who reads this!
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Kate Powell

May 27, 2020
Hello and welcome,

My interest in Titanic started all over again after seeing the movie A Night To Remember not so long ago.
Since then I've been reading all I can and watching lots of documentaries about the ship and its crew and passengers. There are some very interesting personal stories about them to discover and all the information you could need here at Encyclopedia Titanica (everyone I've met has been very friendly and helpful). All the resources available keeps me busy and you're certain to meet other enthusiasts and make some friends. There's also plenty of threads on all Titanic related subjects and it's a brilliant place to learn.

Very nice to have you with us.

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