Hilarious Titanic spoof of Cameron's film

Here's a fun little link for you:


I just finished it and was rolling with laughter the whole time. I'm a fan of this movie but I'm not blind to its faults and I love reading things that make fun of it. This is the best mickey take I've read on Titanic.
Ack sorry! I'm glad you found the right one, however. Thanks for posting it.
Some great lines such as:

Rose: But mother, I want to be with him, so we can curse and spit all day and have scores of cursing, spitting, flea-ridden children. I am desperately unhappy.

Ruth: I fail to see why I should care.


Mr. Ismay: I am an idiot of cosmic proportions. This ship is UNSINKABLE. As in it CANNOT, under ANY circumstances, be SUNK.

Iceberg: Oh yeah? We'll see about that.


Jack: Please don't jump into the CGI water, Rose. I did that once, and it really sucked.

The funniest spoof of the film I've ever seen was that shown a few years ago in the UK, done by French & Saunders; among many other great scenes, they had a brilliant spoof of Cameron, swooping over his cast on a dolly crane, megaphone in one hand and a shotgun in the other, his every other scremed word being bleeped out!
Guy With Beard: Let me get out my virtual-reality Donkey Kong game.
Celine Dion:
Neeeear...faaaaaar....wheeereeeeever youuu aaaare!....
WHERE do you get these things?!?! LOL!!!!!!!
I saw the French & Saunders spoof too - although I've seen it a stack of times, I still have a good snigger.

Favourite bits:

Rose (Jennifer Saunders): I want you to draw me like one of your French girls, Jack.
Jack (Dawn French): What? On a bicycle with some onions?

Jack: Promise me you'll never let go.
Rose: I'll never let go, Jack.
Jack (sinking under water): You let go!

The "third class party" with Jack and Rose dancing with two leprechauns...the "fah, fah, fah, hiccup" scene at the first class dinner table...ahhh, memories....
Jack: Promise me you'll never let go.
Rose: I'll never let go, Jack.
Jack (sinking under water): You let go!

That was indeed a classic, Boz! Seem to recall Dawn French emerged a few seconds later, complaining that the set replicating the North Atlantic smelt "like a urinal".
My favourite quote from the Titanic Hand Puppet link is below. I wonder why it always makes me chuckle...

"Hey! They left out the propeller problems Titanic had before it left the port! Inaccurate! Inaccurate! We hate you, James Cameron!"

*Rolling in money and Oscar nominations* "...Wha?"

Oh my, that was funny! The quotes I'm fond of are:

Mr Andrews: And over here you'll see our under stock of lifeboats. You don't care now, but later on you will.


Rose: You mean our love is hard, blue and connected by chains?

Cal: pretty much.

Thank you Tania Jones for finding this wonderful spoof on the Titanic!
My favorite Titanic spoof was from a personal website... it wasn't a script, though. It was a WAV file. A guy does all the voices. It was called "Titanic in 80 seconds."


(background music - tune of My Heart Will Go On)

(falsetto old rose) It was 80 years ago... I remember the china, it smelled like new. (groan)

(rose) You unbelieveable bastard!

(cal) You mean the better half.

(british) Iceberg ahead!

(british) You belong in the E-class!

(jack) You can jump in, but I'll jump after you. It's kinda cold in there, it feels like a thousand needles. I won't like it, but if you jump in there, I'll have to jump in after you. Or something.

(rose) You're so annoying!

(jack) D-d-d-d-d-don't let g-goooo (groan)

("celine dion") Neaaaaar, faaaar, wherever you aaare, and the ocean da da da, da da da daaaaa...


Ah. Well, it's much funnier if you hear it. If I ever find the link, I'll post it here...
I have seen it Anna- and it is hilarious, as is "Thumbtanic". Another claymation feature called "Iceberg" features the other side of the disaster as seen by the seals and penguins on the berg-two who happen to be named, Rosie and Jackie. Of course one can make a case for what dreadful taste these things are, but who can understand the average sense of humor?
Here's the link to Iceberg.
Maybe someone should catalogue all of these things.