Hilarious Titanic spoof of Cameron's film

Cracked magazine did a very funny piece about the movie Titanic. Jack was Gack and Rose was carrying the skeleton around with her. It doesn't sound funny as a retell, but it was very funny when it came out around the time of the movie. Does anyone remember it?
I just saw the penguin one, of Jackie the seal & Rosie the penguin; kind of sweet really. I would have loved this as a kid!
Yes, I know we're dealing with a great sea disaster, but this is more poking fun at Cameron's film, not Titanic's foundering. And it is not "all in fun", pointing out how animals died too. The little penguin Rosie is simply telling her story, and from her point of view the Titanic was the menace, crashing into their vessel like that, killing her friends. It's rather a moving little film.
I'm still looking for the other penguin film, where an angry penguin takes a chain saw to the careless ship for ruining their iceberg--the REAL reason for the sinking! Any one know about this one?