Hilda Maria Hellström


David Anderson

Today (2/14/98) I received a letter from a distant cousin of mine, Arne Karlsson, who lives in Falun Sweden. We share common ancestors who lived in Stora Tuna. I thought that with the increased interest in the Titanic, the following might be of interest to this list! He writes:

'1912 departed a first cousin of my father with the greatest ship in the world, Titanic. More about her life can you read in the added obituary. She travelled of course to her aunt...'

Obituary in the newspaper Borlänge Tidning 1962.:

'Titanic passenger from Domnarvet dead in Amerika'
'Message has come that Mrs. Hilda Larsson, born Hellström, and living in Highland Park, 5 Swedish miles north of Chicago, at the lake of Michigan has died 72 years old. She was born in Domnarvet, emigrated 22 years old to Amerika, and was travelling with the disaster ship Titanic. She was among them who were saved from the terrible misadventure, but she got horror for the sea and had never dared to visit her homeland and relatives in the 50 years (since).
'It was the night of 15 April 1912, when the world's greatest ship North Star [sic] line's Titanic came into collision with an iceberg, and foundered 4 hours later on its first travel from Southampton to New York. About 1500 persons died on that ship which had only 16 lifeboats. 'Hilda Hellström related after her saving that she and her comrades were sleeping int heir cabins when the collision happened. They got out of bed without hurry and put on their clothes. It was assured to them that there was no danger and all Swedes were calm while the southerners made a terrible row. Hilda went out on a discovery-expedition and took the opportunity to see how it was in the first class, that in accordance with the rumour should be the highest luxury. There they played cards, talked and smoked in peace and quiet. 'It began to be cold and she went back to her cabin to hold her outdoor clothes. That was 10 minutes before the ship foundered. When she went upstairs, she reached precisely with one of the last lifeboats which gave up the ship, which she saw falling to the bottom with 1500 panic stricken people. The steamship Carpathia hold later the survivors, and so came Hilda to Amerika, where she stayed in her whole life without daring to travel home over the sea again.'
Translation of this obituary is by Werna Skold of Borlänge.

David Anderson
Portland, Oregon


My niece Haley received this person as her "passenger aboard the Titanic" when we visited this exhibit this past week. Haley's name is actually Haley Helstrom. Too much of a coincidence huh?

Aspell home

Hilda is the aunt (mothers sister) of my husbands grandfather. Hilda sent a watch to her sisters son (grandpa) from her new homeland, that we now have in our home. Amazing story.

Laura E

How interesting to hear of other relatives! My father's adoptive father was a relative to some degree, as well


Relative to the Centko family. My great grandmother was Rose Centko, Streator Illinois

Kjell Johansson

Hi Laura!
Are you possible relative to Ericson family emigrated to Chicago 1893?
The family consisted of William (Bill), John, Hannah, Fred, Signe, Oscar, Sigfrid.
All were cousins of Hilda Hellström (Larson) and her daughter Ellen Larson (Centko)

Claire (4315)

Hilda was my great grandmother. I was born and lived in Streator Illinois area my whole life along with my family and her daughter (my grandmother). This history is fascinating to me and I am pleased to see so many people connect here.


Maybe since you're a relative to Hilda you can contact Titanic Honor And Glory, They're making a game about titanic and will probably include Hilda. Maybe you can be the voice actor for her. They want accurate authentic voices and they also probably soon or later want to know what she sounded like. For example a relative to molly brown is gonna do her voice.

George (5113)

My grandma was Francis Centko. See lived a few doors down on Sterling St. from Rose. I do remember Ellen and her husband Tony. They were my great Aunt and Uncle.