Hilda Mary Slayter

Hi Michael,

Welcome aboard. Have you checked out Hilda's biography right here on this site? If not, here's the link:

She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia; so I'm not sure if she was related to the family. I hope this helps though.
Its interesting; one article refers to her as Hilda Slater visiting her architect brother in New York ("The band played. . ")and the others refer to her as Hilda Slayter who was going to Novia Scotia to get married.
I'll bet that the Worcester Evening Gazette just misspelled her surname. It wouldn't be the first time, nor will it be the last.
Confusion of people with the same name was nothing new in connection with Titanic. In fact, one case of mistaken identity got into a book on Canadian passengers, which said that Bridget O'Sullivan was traveling to her brother in, I believe, Nova Scotia when the namesake who was actually on the ship was traveling to the US.

Then there was Alice Cleaver, the Allisons' nanny who for many years was mistaken for the Alice Cleaver who murdered her baby.
I've read - can't remember where - that Hilda's brother was a White Star Line captain (her ET bio says he was captain of the royal yacht).

Could he have been the Captain R.N. William Slayter who was in charge of the Oceanic when it ran aground (and eventually wrecked) off the Shetland Island of Foula, of which Lusitania survivor Ian Holbourn was laird? (all this according to Wikipedia)

Small world if it was.
According to Craig Stringer's biographical research, the brother's name was James and he was one of the officers on the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert.