Historic ship in Adelaide South Australia

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I noticed that a small cruise ship called Athena is going to operate out of Port Adelaide this summer. Just to find out a bit about her, I looked her up on Wikipedia. I was amazed to find out her original name. She was once Stockholm and she sank Andrea Doria.


She's been much altered over the years and will probably soon fall foul of the 2010 regulations, so locals should see her while they can.

I'm going to be very careful when sailing our waters!

Aly Jones

Hey Dave sir ,i'm the first one to answer you're post YAY.

1948 ship,she's an antiuqe ship.61 year old ship still in servise,i'm shocked. The Olympic was scrapped when she was 25 years old,well good on this old lady!Amazing Stuff
What's kept the Athena going is a lot of lavish maintainance and even more lavish modifications, practically to the point of a near complete re-build. Had I not known of her pedigree when I first saw some recent photos, I would never have recognized her.
If I can run aground off KI I suppose they can. We have plenty of company!

I haven't seen details, but they were very likely making for the little town of Kingscote, which hides behind a sizeable sand bar. It's well marked and you shouldn't hit it, but it probably moves about a bit. (That's not what I hit).

With any luck, I'll be with Athena in Port Lincoln on Tuesday.
I seem to remember reading somewhere that the "Stockholm" has been purchased by a Swedish businessman, who will restore her to her original appearance and park her as a hotel/conference ship after she is retired.

Hopefully it comes to pass.
>>With any luck, I'll be with Athena in Port Lincoln on Tuesday.<<

Just make sure you're behind her and not in front of her!
Beyond that, I hope you have some pretty pictures to post!
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