History Channel doc on Empress aired this month Apr

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Gavin Murphy

Did anyone in ET land see this doc. and what are your thoughts?

Here's something bizarre. Although the Empress was a Cdn. ship (but flagged in UK) this doc. did not air in Canada. Go figure. I reckon Canadians don't count.

Incidentally, the artifacts committee has now purchased some of the artifacts from the Empress from Philippe Beaudry and are also planning a trip to Rimouski/Father Point, etc. later this month to mark the 90th anniversary of the sinking.

Geoff, you old world traveller, are you going to make it? You seem to be going ALL over the world!

Dec 13, 1999
Alas Gavin,I can't make it this time. Daughter Ruth has just gotten herself married in the Carribean which has cost me a small fortune, and we go to California in July so funds are somewhat strained! I know of a number of people who will be there and will keep me posted though!

Very odd about the programme not being aired in Canada - it wasn't here either, but that's to be expected.

Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
I saw it when it aired this month. I thought it was a fairly well made piece of work for an hour long documentary. I think it helped that the Deep Sea Detectives people have shown a tendency to do some homework so the actually have some semblance of a clue of what it is they're talking about. That makes most of the shows better then the usual drek that the History Channel tends to put up.

Having David Zeni on the program answering questions (And the hosts actually listening!) was helpful too.
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